13 May 2008

Comments Section Review

The comments section is out of control again dear readers.
I have to put the brakes on, again, I'm afraid.
I wish all these anonymous people would stop fighting on my blog. Cowards , hiding behind what? Stop fighting please. No more name calling please.
People are hiding behind this blog with their hate.
Certain people really need to chill out man. I have banned seven people from commenting on the blog.
They will find out who they are, because well, they are banned.
And they will no longer get through.
I am going to be ruthless.

Many people need to relax and stop being so cruel to each other on this blog.
It really bums me out and it looks bad for all Filipinos. 
I am tired of reading these pointless hate filled comments directed at other readers. Its trashy and I do not like it.
Stop it please, or I will shut the comments section off.
Be clever with your comments please readers,
not stupid and mean. I am so tired of all this pointless jib jab. It has to stop peeps. It's not looking civil and this entire debate started with civil underpinnings. Regardless of what my detractors might say.
I have worked so hard on this blog. And the comments section needs to improve. So I will control it big time starting now. I don't care if only a few get through because I am tired of the anger and hate. And many of my readers are tired of it too. So shape up if you want your comment published. Because I am not impressed with the ignorance and shear stupidity present in some of the comments. I'm not sure if its the dark side trying to muddy the waters, but either way, I don't care anymore. No more.
If your comment is not relevant or does not come to a point, it will be deleted.

This all stops now. If you don't like it, tough. People from all over the world read this blog.
Twenty thousand people from New York alone.
We all have a responsibility to keep this debate civil.
Because there is a world outside of the Philippines.
And they are watching and reading.
So shape up, because I have.
I am trying
soooo hard not to swear anymore on the blog.
Do you know how hard that is for me? I have truck driver blood in my veins.
So if I can, you can. Be clever please. Smart. Funny. Not evil and crass, ignorant or cruel.
PLEASE. I am begging you to be clever.
Its been hard for me too readers, to clean up my vocabulary. So please, let all make an effort to improve the comments section. We will all benefit from it.

Because, many of you are embarrassing the Philippines with your comments and reflections. And it makes the comments section very difficult to control. The comments section is supposed to be organic readers. I have already considered shutting it down, because too many people are scrapping with each other. Please email each other and continue your debate and battles out side of the blog. If you are going to do battle with words, keep it short and to the point. No swearing please. I have stopped and I hope you all will too.
Please stop making fun of others peoples lack of education. Its cheap and nasty. Bill Gates quit school at fifteen. Warren Buffet has no diploma. So your theory holds no water. And you sound very third world, when you stoop to this level. Not educated at all.
In fact, some of you are very third world with your
idiotic comments about other people's lack of money or education. You are no better. We are all the same. Please remember that we are all the same at the end of the day.

I often pull old posts and re work them readers. Some posts need to be up dated. This is my blog. I will add or remove whatever I want, when ever I want to. This blog is my diary. Everything on it belongs to me. This is not your blog, to the readers who feel I am a loose cannon, pulling posts and pictures from the blog.
Um, hello, its my blog. So piss off, and let me be. Please create your own blog, if you don't like the way I run mine. 
It helps though, if your boyfriend steals your life's savings first. It puts the incentive and drive right up you!


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