13 May 2008

Bads News Travels Fast

Is Celine Lopez leaving The Philippines for Britain?
Yes readers, this is the case.
I have been told that she is running away from this huge mess.
Bolting from this new reality, enveloping her world.
She can't escape from it, in Manila.
She is like a caged dog.

I am also told that DJ Montano will NOT take her calls anymore.
Celine has insisted that DJ pay me back and end this for everyone.
But he will not budge.
He has lost everything for my 70,000 dollars.
Now that is VERY thick skin indeed readers.

Paris and Nicole have split.
It's official. The BBF are no more.
That simple life is suddenly, very complicated.
DJ will NOT leave his compound.
And he has yet to file against me, or send me anything for that matter.
Just a big Korina interview fraud.
Korina, if you are reading this.
Let's rock and roll babe.
I'm up for it if DJ is.

Yesterday Celine was spotted (and stared at) at the British Embassy in
Makati, while renewing her visa.
I understand that Miss. Lopez was indeed successful in obtaining another year in the UK. I'm sure she was pleased with herself. Because she is the last person who should be able to travel.
Britain is usually very hard on known drug users.
Celine is notorious for pulling out her baggies abroad. DJ would travel with drugs too. He told me he stopped, but I was always terrified that he was hiding drugs on planes. But because DJ and I never travelled together, I wasn't worried about my own security.
What is so strange, is that my Embassy insider told me that Celine looked wasted and disheveled while she was waiting. She would not remove her sunglasses, until they insisted that she do so.
This in itself surprises me, knowing her history. She should be more careful.
That's the thing about addiction. It gets you slowly. Creeps in like spring mold.
The only reason why Celine is even alive now, is because she is rich. If she was poor Celine, she would have sold herself for years already, to keep up with her habit. She would be a prostitute I'm sure.
Like her mother Emily R. A common husband stealer. An adulterer.
The Vatican Emily?
This must stop.

I mean Celine's family is totally corrupt.
They continue to bleed money from the poor.
Their utilities arm reaps billions from poor Filipinos country wide.
Its a scandal, these profits. It must be stopped.
A completely corrupt system, led by Celine Lopez's family and many others.
One can almost start to feel sorry for Celine.

Then these Lopez woman, sell their old shoes and handbags to the exact people who paid for them the first time around. They call this charity folks.
It's a vicious circle of take, take, take.
Shame on the entire Lopez clan.
Keep your daughter at home please, because no one else deserves her, but you.
One only has to look at Celine's conception, to understand that morals run wild and loose, in this particular blood line.

With her
dubious and suspicious past and also being publicly known as a drug addict, she should finish a rehabilitation program before traveling to any country. She is a risk to herself and to others.
The thing that really bothers me about this dear readers, is that so many Filipinos who wish to travel, are denied the chance, even though they are genuine tourists.
This has happened to my friends in the past. It was very painful for them to be denied.
This is one of the things that I will never understand.
Celine can travel like a queen from country to country, while everyone knows, the girl can't go a day without blow.
Many Filipinos with pure intentions are denied and people like Celine, get the red carpet treatment.
It is so unfair to the millions of hardworking people who really want to travel.
Its ok for Filipinos to work abroad, but heaven forbid, they want a REAL holiday.
They are denied, so often. The statistics are heart breaking.
I am worried for my friends who are planning their trip to Canada in September.
I am already afraid they will be denied.
Its a scandal and should be stopped.

Why are so many innocent Filipino's tagged with this stigma when people from other countries get away with it, millions of times.
I have never met a Filipino abroad who I have not embraced as my brother or sister.
I am frustrated that this unfortunate stereotype remains.
It truly is unfair and unwarranted.

Only the rich get holiday visa's, it seems. While the rest tremble in line waiting to hear whether or not they are 'suitable' for a visa. Work or otherwise.
Mean while, Celine has a bump in the Hummer before dashing up for what she knows is only a formality for her, and her kind.

I think Celine Lopez should have a mandatory drug test , before she is allowed to leave the Philippines. Once and for all.

I suppose the British let anyone in now.

Please feel free to e mail the British Embassy readers at (uk@info.com.ph) or (CONS-Manila@fco.gov.uk) to express your views on this topic.

Enjoy your crumpets Celine.


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