13 May 2008

Magic with Mojo and Grace

I love the radio. MoTwister, Mojo and Grace have been wonderful to me.
I listen to Magic 89.9 via satellite every morning. It's the only way we can listen to the radio here. 
I am learning more Tagalog everyday. I also read the papers every morning on line. Even the Star.
When I am on the air, there is a time delay , which is hard for me to get used to. Our voices over lap, because my timing is off. I am not being rude, I am just unable to get the time delay right. I am working on it.
Sorry to Grace and Mojo.
The four of us also talk before the show, and so often, our emotions have already been '
heightened' somewhat. I am trying to lower my voice on the radio. But It's hard. I find it difficult speaking on the phone because I am such an animated person. And my voice does tend to sound girlie. 
When I am on the radio, I feel tingly inside. I know real Filipinos are listening in.
The Filipinos I like. The ones I really relate to.
The ones I should have met when I lived there.
I also get very excited and you can tell in my voice.
I am not seasoned at this media game. I just do what I do.

Oh yeah,

Boracay forever.

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