14 May 2008

Rest Day

My great friend Jules called me this morning, after the radio show.
She invited me to her place for some rest and relaxation on the river.
It was such a great decision to get out of the house today.
Being alone
really sucks sometimes. I can't wait to get to the city again.
Toronto is an amazing city.
These special times with Jules are important to me.
She was the first person I met when I moved to my farm.
And she remains my best friend here in the hills.
I took some pictures and thought I would post them.
Many people have asked what kind of camera I use.
It a five year old Sony Cyber-shot digital.
The slide show is the only way I know how to do it.
I needed the rest today.
I'll be back soon with another entry.
I'm off to bed.
I have a headache from too much cheap champagne in the sun.

HUGE day tomorrow with the BBC.

Thank you mummy for the special message.
You always know when to ring.

Thank you TEAM BRIAN! The recent e mails to the blog  have been super. I am constantly blown away by the e mails I receive. Keep it up please. They are all being archived. Every single e mail is being preserved.

Thank you to all the readers, who listened to the show this morning on Magic.
Thanks Mojo and Grace. You were both brilliant.
I feel you there, when I'm on.

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