30 May 2008

Benjie Laurel

"There is a HUGE rift in the Laurel Clan".

To be honest with you, I've been hearing this a lot. Quite a few Manila people have let me know that not all is well in the Montano-Laurel household. A few people have left anon comments as well. I want everyone to know.

Benjie Laurel,

I warned you Mr Laurel. And now you are paying the price for defending the indefensible.
You chose to become involved with DJ's huge dirty mess.
You tried to ridicule me on Korina.
Really Benjie? You don't know shit about me.
DJ's a grown man, but you still felt the need to go on television and defend a thirty five year old.
I am ashamed for you and DJ.
You know his mother is a well known scammer.
So is DJ.
And you know it mate.
Please tell DJ to give me back my 70,000 dollars Benjie.
And this will all go away.
Use your influence for good instead of evil.
Redeem yourself within your family.
Show the Laurel clan that you are not a lapdog of Aurora Montano.
Because thats how they currently see you. Aurora Montano's lapdog.
You are not even DJ's father.
What did happened to DJ's father Benjie?
DJ told me so many lies.
Instead of telling DJ to do the right thing and pay me back, you chose to defend DJ.
You're OK with him running off with everything I had Benjie?
I guess so.
Your old lady is a criminal just her son.
Aurora Montano should be in jail. And you know that too.
Defend who you want Benjie, but I hope it was worth it, because I know your family is super fucking pissed with you mate.
You dumb ass lemming.
He should have paid me back Benjie.

Now readers, it has come to my attention, that this blog has created a rather large rift, within the larger Laurel family, which of course is a very respectable family.
Now I'm sorry about this ,Laurel family.
But Benjie made his bed.
And now he must lay down in it.

I did warn you Benjie, that you were being horribly misguided.
Like I was when DJ played me for a grade A fool.
Many people are aware of the fact that the Laurel clan has been 'propping up' the ailing Montanos for many years. Any real Montano power died along with the General.

The dynastic 'alliance' between Aurora Montano and Benjie Laurel has been pretty much fruitless. Their trees keep producing spotted failures with no value at market. Low yield crops.
No yield conscience.

When the 'grandmother of all scams' went down, the Laurel clan had to once again bail out the limping remains of the once influential disgraced Montanos. When will the Laurel family tighten their purse strings and take away Aurora's ATM card?

Now Benjie, the fact that Aurora is not even your wife, is none of my business.
Sinners are around every corner. Aurora called me a sinner once.
What does that make your boy then Aurora?
It wouldn't be the first time this woman has sinned.
She was born on a bed of it.
Benjie, neither you or Aurora are in any position to throw rubbish my way.
Both of your closets are littered with rickety old bones.
I just want DJ to PAY UP!
So I can stop exposing them there bones.

Benjie, you know DJ has my money.
But for some insane reason, you chose to go on national television to rubbish me. You supported DJ fables, knowing his previous history with bad loans and law suits.
You're all embarrassed that I am DJ's ex boyfriend.
Aurora is humiliated that I am HIV positive.
She is humiliated that her son is a queer.
That everyone knows her private business.
But wait, there's more.

I can tell my readers today, that DJ has moved out of the Philippines.
No one knows where he is at the moment, but he was asked to leave the Laurel compound.
I've been told that his sisters have both asked DJ to pay me back.
WHY did you not tell him this BEFORE you went on television?
He's had my money for over a year now.

You could have saved me a ton of heart ache Marvili.
I am in contact with an extended Laurel family member.
Many believe that DJ has fled to live in Hong Kong or Singapore.
He could never live in Manila again.
Unless, he enters the witness protection program.
TEAM BRIAN will always remind him to PAY UP!

The extended Laurel family is furious for having their name dragged into this ultimate battle between good and bad.
Aurora and Benjie and the entire disgraced Montano clan, made the decision to fall into line behind DJ's string of lies and deceptions.
They ignored my proof.
They simply turned the other way.
Pretended that it wasn't there, staring them bold in the face.

I want everyone to know, that I warned DJ, his mother and his lawyer, last November, that I was going to create this blog, if DJ didn't pay me back. At the time, I had no idea that this was going to happen. But it has.
They mocked me on television. They played with me and my truth. They threatened me over and over again.
I didn't know when or how. But I knew I would get the word out somehow. To warn others. They tortured me with threats. I feared for my life. I couldn't do anything whilst in the Philippines. But as soon as I got out. BANG!

And poor Benjie was led astray like a desperately hungry street dog.
He went on television and LIED about me. Every word that came out of his mouth was a lie. Lies fed to him by that bitch Aurora and her wicked offspring.
Her daughters were coached. Poor things. To be dragged into this.
They were all coached. They had plenty of time to get their stories straight.
And they will regret it forever.

It was FIVE AGAINST ONE (six with Korina).
In the final analysis, I am told. Benjie regrets ever getting involved.
I understand though Benjie, because DJ is VERY good. VERY convincing.
He is all timid and nice. Meek and coy. Coos and oohs with butterflies and bunnies all around him.
Its all a fraud.
DJ simply plays the role necessary to get what he wants.
Just like his mother does.

Typical Montano tactic.
Shock and Awe.
Dazzle and blind.
Smoke and mirrors.

I hope your happy now Benjie.

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