12 May 2008


I am flattered that there is a rumor circulating that I have a ghost writer.
Me? A ghost writer? Christ almighty, you have got to be kidding me? I have no bloody money for a ghost writer.
Have you seen my spelling mistakes? My grammar errors?
Which ghost writer would even admit knowing me?
My writing is pure and owned. I am not ashamed if I make mistakes.
Just me. I promise.
How could I afford a ghost writer?
Miss Lea. B is a ghost writer. Miss. Millet hires them. I do not have a ghost writer. The STAR has ghost writers, not I.

This rumour must mean I am improving as a writer then.
I can assure my readers, that I do my OWN research on everything I post.
No one person has ever touched my blog or had any influence on its contents.
I decide what appears in my blog.
From day one. I have been very impartial.
I know Manila. I know the Philippines.
I KNOW Filipinos.
I do not need help with my particular brand of journalism.
It's free form peeps. Like slam poetry.
It's called a blog. My thoughts. My ideas. My theories.
Start one and you will see, just how liberating it can be.
To expose the truth. The hypocrisy. The double standards.

There is also another rumour going around that I had sexual relations with Celine Lopez.
Apparently there is a 'picture' of us circulating in bed.
I did NOT have sex with Celine. This is simply not true.
If any photo appears of the two of us entwined, it has been doctored.
I have never had sex with her. And of that I am POSITIVE.
I do not like boys. I like men.
So if this picture exists of Celine and I having sex, please put it out there instead of spreading these
ridiculous lies.
Because this rumour offends me on a personal level.
I am a GAY man, not crazy.
I am getting dozens of e mails about it.
There is NO picture of Celine and I.
I have not had sex with a woman since I was VERY young.

There is also a rumour that I have a sex tape, out there on the loose.
I have never made a sex tape in my life.
I have NO idea where these falsehoods are emanating from.
But I can assure you, there is no sex tape.
and if there is, please produce it.

The fall out from the
Xeng post is enormous.
Have my readers noticed, I have stopped swearing so much on my posts? It has been VERY difficult TEAM BRIAN, but good for us all I think. I am not saying there wont be cussing in the future, but I have promise a few people I would change the tone when it comes to adjectives.


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