11 May 2008

Blog Description and Changes

Dear Readers and TEAM BRIAN,

Thank you very much for the hundreds of e mails regarding the blog title.
I agree with the vast majority of people, that the blog title should remain as is.
I have however changed the blogs description, to reflect it's new direction.
This blog is not just about the money anymore.
The Montano hide is VERY thick indeed.
So I will turn up the heat.
Because he WILL eventually have to give it back.
Trust me on this readers.

And you see, I never want to close this blog.
But in order to continue with it, it must expand.
So from this day forward, I will comment on DJ Montano, and the GG of course.
I have also opened the blog so we can discuss anything having to do with The Philippines, politics, drugs, HIV/AIDS awareness, Manila's 'HIGH' society, corruption, drugs, charity, and celebrity as well. That should pretty much cover me.

Some people need to understand that I am very passionate about The Philippines.
Others can be passionate about Australia or Canada solely. I have enough passion to spread around a bit. Between all three.

And my best friends are Filipinos, and I have to visit them eventually because they could never afford to fly. My wealthier friends in Manila work very hard. No fancy last names to rely on.
They just work very hard in life, and I respect them so much.

So you see, I have a completely different set of friends in the Philippines, untouched by this mess with DJ. I have been sure, to keep private, certain things in my life, that we all need in order to be happy. Keeping safe and protected, those things I cherish, from the blog has been a full time job.

I will not have my private precious infrastructure (what's left of it), compromised again by this scandal.
I have already lost far too much as a result of DJ Montano and his hideous circle of friends.
Many think I have become a loose cannon. With a very long fuse.
True enough maybe.
However, in my own defense, I never light that fuse unless I am sure, I will hit my target, dead on.
Nothing loose about that readers.

I am excited about this new development on the blog.
I will never stop putting pressure on DJ and his family.
However, I have other things to say as well.
And as long as I have people coming to the blog.
I will be encouraged to continue, filling it,
with interesting things, for you all to digest.

I will always keep my original pledge, that I made at the start.
I will close this blog immediately, once DJ pays me back the money he stole away from me. And I will. But not one day sooner.
This is not a bluff DJ.
I will never tire until justice is mine.
Cyber justice mate.

I have already offered Dj, a payment plan (similar to the one he put me on last year). I'm not sure why he refuses to grab hold of this particular bone.
I assured him, that no one would find out of he paid me back.
But he still won't budge. So I don't know what to do readers.
He is being VERY stubborn indeed.

Until Mr. Montano and the entire disgraced Montano clan, come to their senses, I will continue to do battle within this forum, in order to insure, that I may spend the rest of my life knowing, that I did not surrender my values and dignity, to the likes of them. They have already, taken too much from me.
Enough is enough comrades.

Thank you to my special TEAM BRIAN member's who sent in this wonderful picture. You guys are killing me with all these Andok's references. Yes I love chicken. I have been asked this question so many times. I LOVE Andok's. Hahahahahahaha. Love it.


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