11 May 2008

Frances Zulueta aka XENG Zulueta of Shu Uemura

Paparazzi picture...
(attention readers... please send me paparazzi pictures of Gucci Gang members)

Poor Xeng Zulueta....... is about to be exposed for what she really is.

Just another Manila drug dealer. More common then a shanty dweller near the airport.
She will need some help after reading this post.
She will need medication maybe. A different kind of drug.
Lots of it.

This girl Xeng, is soooooo despised in Manila. She is hated by so many people, including Celine Lopez. But she remains at the top of the GG pile.

So many Filipinos designers hate your guts. Why do they all hate you so much Xeng?
I reckon you are a laughing stock to most of them.
They all know you are Tina's drug dealer.
You think you can boss everyone around, but you are just a makeup girl yourself.
A lot of of designers have written to me, to tell me about you.
Begging for me, to stop you in your tracks.
Ask how your fellow Shu Uemura make up artists feel, about you hogging the spotlight every time its over head. So very greedy for elevation. Forgetting the many other talented artists who work much harder then you, but exist without your keen connections. As long as you are around, many people will just never advance. You are a human road block. And Tina is too. An ACTUAL human road block. Oh SNAP!
They all secretly loathe you Xeng.
They really do.
Right Celine? You hate Xeng, don't you?
My GG insider is singing like Gene Kelly in the rain.
Xeng's hate mail makes my hate mail look like a bunch of love letters.
From ex sweethearts.

WHAT did you do to receive this much hate? The entire fashion industry hates you.

I can't believe how many knives are out for this particular carbunkle on Manila's underbelly.
ready to scrape her off and discard her, in the sloppy Manila chum bucket.
People want her head on a platter, with an apple in her mouth.
People always hate their drug dealer.
Because they get all your money.

Xeng is another very sad Filipina(?), who is ashamed of her 'real, true' origins.
Whats with all this shame shit in Manila?
She hides her true lineage behind smoke and mirrors. Like soooo many others do. No pride in themselves or where their folks came from.
Just like DJ Montano (mixed breed) and Mr. Potato head himself, the 'Chut' (Spanish... WTF).
For some reason, Xeng feels the need to lie about where she is from, and who she really is.
Why Xeng?
Does any GG member tell the truth?

You are constantly bullshitting about your father Xeng. Like DJ . Inventing careers for him. Ashamed of what he really does for a living. So many fake stories. People know babe. You fool no one. You went to school with DJ. Two peas in a pod love.
People just want your drugs girlfriend. Tina just wants your drugs.
WHY are so many people in the Philippines ashamed of who they really are?
I grew up poor. I could not give a shit. Look at me now. Proud of my origins. Never ashamed.
Does your father still sell luxury cars Xeng?
Porches, right?

Dear, less then ten years ago, you were a receptionist in Makati sweetheart.
What's wrong with that? Nothing to be ashamed about dear.
And don't forget your BIG job in San Francisco for this supposed IT company.
Why do you know NOTHING about computers then dear?
You are completely useless Xeng.
Why are you such a fraud?
You apply makeup.
Makeup Xeng.
Its NOT rocket science.

How many drugs did you sell at Embassy?
You have been described by many as a HUGE drug dealer.
Even Soozyhopper reported this 2 years ago.
How much profit did Tim Yap get on each gram of cocaine?
Because Tim gets a cut from all the drugs sold at his 'SUPER CLUB', Embassy readers.
That's a fact.
I wonder if Tim will give this money to his 'charity'.
I highly doubt it.
Are you still the biggest drug dealer in Manila Xeng?
The biggest female dealer?
You have kept the GG high on drugs for years.
And rumor has it, Tina Tinio only keeps you on at Shu Uemura, for your drugs.
Tina HATES to run out of cocaine.
She falls apart without her blow.

I met Xeng's step sister Monica one night when she was in from San Francisco. So nice. A bit obnoxious, but hey, its the norm in Manila.
Poor Monica. To have a step sister like Xeng.
Xeng has been sack riding Monica for many years.
For years. Riding her hump like a camel jockey.
You see, Monica actually HAS money, unlike Xeng, who works as a make up applier at Shu Uemura. She SHOULD be rich by now from selling drugs.
Tina Tino is her BIG boss too.
Tina is everyone's boss it seems.
Tina rules lipstick land.
Shu Uemura is Tina Tinio's playpen, er, I mean pig pen.

I just can't understand for the life of me how Loreal could stand by and watch these woman, traipse around, fucked off their faces, representing the brand Shu Uemura. They continue to turn a blind eye to the many scandals involving their brands, their employees and cocaine. Are there no REAL people to represent Loreal and Shu Uemura? Are they
this desperate for employee's?

Our old friend, Soozyhopper broke the Xeng scandal nearly two years ago.

When my blog first came out, the girls called Loreal, and the honchos just did a bit of mercy repair, and swept it all away.

Well, Loreal, we are all watching you and how you respond to these old revelations about your employees.

Xeng sells drugs to Tina Tinio and has for many years now. How does Tina Tinio remain in her position when Loreal knows
full well, that she is just a HUGE waste of coke snorting space?

I swear Tina Tinio only hired Xeng for her drugs.
Tina is the worst of all the coke snorters in Manila.
Followed closely by many more.
Tina and Celine actually compete for the title.
But that bitch Tina can snort. In two countries.

Somehow, Tina always had cocaine for Dj when he stayed at her place.

Tina is known in Singapore because of her ability to score blow.

Singapore's drug laws are VERY strict Tina.
Do be careful dear.
Tim Yap loves cock too. Oops, I mean coke.
But Tim only likes FREE cocaine (but he'll pay for cock).
On Boracay.

I've seen them all in action.

Like wild boars looking for a truffle.
In the toilets at Embassy.
Like this picture clearly shows.
I'm sure the drugs snorted in this picture are from Xeng.
She supplies Shu Shemura with their cocaine and pills.
And we all know, the girl in the above picture works for Shu Shemura.
Shu Shemura = Cocaine.
Loreal = Cocaine

Frances Zulueta AKA XENG ZULUETA has a very checkered, murky history, with Celine Lopez and the Gucci Gang.

People are terrified of this girl, Xeng.
People are also terrified of Celine.
Truly scared to death of Miss Lopez.
Celine has been terrorizing Manila for years.

Like her mother Emily R.
Because they are all fierce bitches, that's why.
Celine has had many people, thrown out of clubs, for refusing her bodyguards request, to join her 'group' in a more VIP capacity. Many people have written with stories of how these two girls would terrorize the scene.

Xeng is a HUGE drug dealer in Manila.
People really are terrified of her for some reason.
Probably because she controls the drugs.

Xeng is terrified of me too.
Because she knows she is about to come undone on my blog.
She has been pleading with me all week, not to tell on her.
To spare her.
Please see e mails from Xeng attached.
No sympathy in this blog dear.
Not for the likes of you.

I have received literally hundreds of e mails about Xeng , since starting this blog in March.

She is a main drug dealer and supplier of drugs to the GG.
This is a fact.
Tina Tinio has been getting her drugs from Xeng, for years.
She has supplied DJ and Celine since time began.
I'm sure Xeng supplied the cocaine to Tessa the night she was snapped snorting in the CR, looking glamorous as usual.
And we all know what happened when this picture hit the scene.
Tina Tinio's entire infrastructure revolves around free shit and coke.
And Xeng is her foot soldier.

Celine's driver (and many other drivers) , used to live outside of Xeng's building, The Blanco. Dropping of the pesos and picking up the powder.
The drivers are the drug couriers for the rich.
I feel so sorry for these 'drivers' in Manila. They are used as drug mules, collecting and delivering drugs to their bosses.
DJ uses his driver to do his drug pick ups.
Celine has her drugs delivered to her door.
So does Chut.
And Patrick just always has a ton of drugs everywhere.
Poor thing.

They all need drugs on this level of society.
They are all so terribly unhappy.
Xeng delivers too, but only for members of the GG.
Because she was a member. But then Celine kicked her out.
But then, let her back in. Then kicked her out again.
Then she let her in again.... out again..... you get the picture.
But then Celine let her in again for good, because she missed the coke, not Xeng.
Celine can kick anyone out of the GG. And she has.
Celine rules.
Even Tim is scared of Celine.
Scared to death of her.

For years, small envelopes were dropped off at the concierge at The Blanco building, clearly addressed to Xeng.
She dealt drugs in this building for a long time.
Everyone in Manila has been to this building to buy drugs from Xeng.
Cocaine by the bag full.

There is one story that keeps popping up over and over again in my e mail box.
I never get tired hearing stories about Celine.
This chick is such an insane bitch.

Celine is the most insecure person I've ever met.
This explains the drugs.
And her dance moves.

Last fall, when Xeng went to Paris, she stayed with Angelique who is the ex fiance of Mr.Potato head. Celine's other BBF.
When Celine found out, she went totally ballistic. Completely lost her mind I'm told.
Kicked Xeng out of the GG immediately and refused to speak with her for months.
Celine banned Xeng.

Celine thought that Xeng betrayed her by staying with Angelique.
Unlike Celine, Angelique has a good soul. She was also used by many members of the Gucci Gang.

Celine is so insecure. I think its her breath. But I'm not sure.
And when Celine is angry, she becomes a total bunny boiler.
Celine threatened me once. Only once.
Remember Celine?
How do you feel now dear? You should have helped me then, instead of telling me to be a man and fuck off.
Pay back is a bitch, bitch.
And I AM a man.

Celine eventually let Xeng back into the GG. Where she remains.
But they continued to bitch bite ,behind each others back.
They always will, because they secretly hate each other.
As many GG members do.
Hate each other that is.
A shaken beehive of backstabbers.
Everyone hates Celine and Xeng it seems.
Why readers?

In fairness to Xeng, I have attached the e mails she sent me when I announced I was working on her post. I swear, she sent me the first e mail, only minutes after I posted. This girl in on the edge. But she is a very big part of this mold that truly needs to be scraped off the Manila cheese.

DJ's world was such a sad and pathetic one. I only wish I had more insight before moving to the Philippines. I wish I had met another guy. A guy with better friends. A better life. A healthy honest lifestyle. A true friend.
But instead, I ended up meeting a common criminal, with the dodgiest bunch of no hoper friends.
Just a bunch of wannabees.


These are the message Xeng sent to me...

As you are threatening to publish shit about me on your blog, I am asking you to please reconsider. When I first sent you a message to take my photos down, my father was rushed to the doctor a few hours later because he suffers from high blood pressure. We live quite a distance from each other and all my younger siblings are abroad and get very worried about him. Just please reconsider this. I never washed my hands off being friends with any of the GG in fact, the irony of it all - DJ is the one person in the group I've known the longest. He and I went to college together and were in the same group. We got reunited again when Tina introduced me to the rest of the group in 2002. Although I have known him since 1992 I would say that I've only met maybe one or two of his former boyfriends and my point in saying that is that I never met you. I recall seeing you in Nami at that time but I was not in your table and never got the chance to meet you.
I don't doubt what happened to you is true, but I have been out of the group for a while now, around march of last year to be exact. I think that is why I never met you.
I'm just asking you to please spare me as I am just keeping to myself (I have been for a year now) and reuniting with old friends from college and high school.
When my photos came out on your blog (the week before lent), I called DJ because i wanted to know if he skipped town. Up to this point I didn't know the facts until a read your blog on day 2 of its existence. I wanted to ask him what the hell this was all about. He did not pick up my call and sent me a text message later saying how he was not near his phone... it went something like this:


and i replied

then he goes on to send me a generic text message that said something like


blah blah blah....i was mad that he was sending me a text that was obviously sent to the whole world. I even told him that I've not been with them for so long and just been busy working and meeting other people. But he did not even text me back. It goes without saying that i have since then decided not to be his friend as i am guilty by association, simply be knowing him since college.

I hope that you consider my situation. I just want my parents to be ok and my siblings who are far away to not worry about our dad. He took a leave from the company to take care of his health.


Message #2

--- On Wed, 7/5/08, xeng zulueta wrote:

> From: xeng zulueta

> Subject: ...
> To: gorrellbrian@yahoo.com.au
> Received: Wednesday, 7 May, 2008, 12:00 PM
> just to add...
> I've never claimed to be a saint and there is always
> dirt to dig up and dish out about anybody whether they lead
> private or public lives. I have my share of haters as it is.
> In as much as I would like to offer you any form of help to
> retrieve your money, you already know by now that I
> don't belong to the core group of this group. My word
> means nothing to them at the end of the day. I was called
> on by Korina's people to come out on her show and i
> politely declined because I have no involvement and say in
> what transpired between you and DJ.
> Yes he was a dear friend, but he also did not reveal how
> capable he was of doing this to someone. Our college days
> were simple and different from what it is today.
> Xeng

Message #3

--- On Wed, 7/5/08, xeng zulueta

> From: xeng zulueta

> Subject: .......
> To: Brian Gorrell
> Received: Wednesday, 7 May, 2008, 2:03 PM
> i told my dad that you have a good heart and that although
> you never replied to my very first message from before that
> you were kind enough to take down most of the photos and the
> comments.
> please brian, i have nothing to offer you except a sincere
> plea for my younger siblings. I cannot be responsible for
> my father's situation.

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