10 May 2008

Give it Back MONTANO!.... and Celine Lopez!

This is the necklace that DJ will not give back to me.
This photo was taken the first time I ever met the GG.
I was on Boracay with my best friend for a holiday.
I was in full holiday mode.

This necklace is worth many thousands of dollars. And he knew that.
It's cast from ancient rose gold from Egypt. It's an antique.
I was offered five thousand dollars for it four years ago.
It was my most valuable possession.
I've had if for many years. I could not sell it though.
DJ asked me if he could wear it one night.
I let him.
And I have never seen it since.
I have begged for this piece back from DJ.
He just ignores me.
It saddens me because my mother bought some of it for my thirtieth birthday.
And a thousand dollars is a TON of money for her.
Unlike Aurora who has so much money, its clouded her better Christian judgement.
I have not told my mum yet, that DJ will not give me back my necklace and many other things he stole from me.

DJ ran off, with over, five thousand dollars worth of things from my Intercontinental hotel room.
A clean sweep and dash. You name it, DJ stole it.
My mum will find out by reading this entry, that DJ has my necklace.
Sorry mummy, my boyfriend was a big huge loser.
But you already know that.
He stole everything from me mummy.
Except for my fighting spirit, and dogged determination, which I got from you dearest.
He will regret, having taken, those precious things from me.
I will never get these things back.
Just like the money he stole from me.

Celine, too, does
not give jewelry back.
Crespo WANTS the million(?) dollar engagement ring he gave her, back.
But Celine will not budge. She
refuses to give back the ring.
She earned it I suppose.
I'm sure. she hides it in her Va Jay Jay, in case he comes sniffing around for it.
He would never look down there. God forbid.
He won't sue her for it and she knows that.
There is no way she is going to give back THAT diamond.
I understand she killed a story in the press that focused on this issue. Giving back engagement rings after you have been dumped. It was a tongue and cheek article. But it was killed nonetheless.
Celine gives nothing back. She is only a taker, like DJ.

DJ, PLEASE give me my things back.
My Yoji shoes, brand new Xsubi clothes, duty free, tooth whitening kit, my brand new phone, this $ necklace,my ipod, birth certificate, baptism papers, private papers regarding our business (accordion file box that you took).
THIS is why DJ ran away from the police station. I demanded the police check his car for my things. DJ stole thousands of dollars worth of my personal belongings. This is AFTER I gave him his own gifts from Australia, which included trainers, clothes, Bisonte leather filo fax, two bottles of duty free perfume (he took my bottles), five itune gift certificates for one hundred dollars each. He took EVERYTHING from me.

I spent a fortune on DJ. Not on myself. I thought my future was going to be wonderful in the Philippines. I was going to start business, employ others, create a great life in the country that I wanted to be in. This little pig snatched everything form me.
Just so he could use my money to clean up his disasters and messes that I had nothing to do with.
I paid for DJ's past.
I still am.

This is and was relationship fraud.
I was tricked from day one.
And it is very, very wrong.

Thank you dear reader's for these pictures. I needed one with the necklace front and center. And here it is.


70,000 dollars

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