09 May 2008

I Spy

I created this slide show because so many people are asking me for more private pictures, which I think is really nice. Thank you for your interest.
For some reason, I have received hundreds of questions about my tattoos.
They are all done in the Philippines.
I have many thousands of pictures.
I hope these ones are ok.
I am never without my trusted digi.
So I will be able to create a few of these slide shows over time.
I can't send pictures to each person individually, you see. 
So I have decided to create 
this slide show.
I hope this does the job.

I also want to say a special thank you to the hundreds of people who have e mailed me about the Business Mirror article over the last three weeks. 
The BBC and I, are working together on a special story about child molestation and its long term effects on people.
I had no idea so many people would read it.
And the e mails are incredibly emotional to read.
But I do. I read as many as I can.
I forget sometimes that people are actually interested in me.
Until I wake up, check my in box, and see five hundred e mails.
My stomach hits the floor every day readers. I swear, I tremble when I see the messages that have to be read.
I want to say a special thank you to this articles writer, 'H', for spending the entire day with me and writing a true article.
Not one single thing in this article was wrong.
Because usually, there are many.
But I never complain.
It is what it is.

And to the bitter people who keep dwelling on the number of visitors this blog receives,
I have three things to say.

Last week, over two million pages were read from this blog.
This blog has daily visitors from 37 countries.
I have thirty thousand visitors from Saudi Arabia alone!
Since this blog started, it has received over five million hits, and counting.
This blog has created new records in Asia.
And these will be announced soon enough.
I never expected this to happen.
I honestly didn't.

TEAM BRIAN members and every loyal reader of my blog is responsible for its success. I thank you all.
I NEVER worry about numbers.
But other people seem to be obsessed by it.
Get lives PLEASE!

Why do some people care so much about my blog and its 'demise'?
Fat chance man.
You hate me anyways peeps.
So please go away.
Because you are annoying  my supporters.
And me!

I will be expanding the Business Mirror story on Mothers Day readers.
Please take the time to read this article.
I don't want flak on Sunday.
My mummy wants a smooth day on the blog.
Love you MUMMY!


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