08 May 2008


Yesterday, I was very upset about a few things.
I cried during the radio show. Uhg!
I shed many tears yesterday. There are still so many inside of me.
I'm not sure if they will ever dry up.
I needed my mother yesterday. Because no one knows me better.
Or loves me more.
Even at thirty eight years old, I need my mom.
Mothers Day is this Sunday.
I will have a special post about my mother.
A post about my childhood, growing up in Thunder Bay.
I encourage everyone to read the Business Mirror article in my media list.
I will be expanding on this article.
How my parents took us from poverty to middle class is inspirational.
Because you see, I relate to the average Filipino.
My family struggled out of poverty when I was a child.
My mother is a fierce fighter.
Like her boy.
I worship my mom.
And she adores me.

Thank you mummy.
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