01 May 2008


I found this on clip on YouTube today.
I can't believe how much stuff has been created, since I started the blog.
I don't have the time to go through them all.
But this one caught my eye.
DJ is forever immortalized in these clips that other people produce.
Its a favorite song of mine.
I'm from a head banger town. And this tune was huge when I grew up in Canada.
My dad was a great musician. He had a band called the Nashville Rebels.
For years, my mother would tour with him and her babies in the car.
My dad looked like James Dean when he was young.
And my mom looked like Natalie Wood.
I swear, on their wedding day, they looked perfect.
They were fifteen and sixteen years old.
Just children themselves.

I am writing today and tomorrow.
Chapter deadline.
So this is another lazy post.
But its better then nothing.
Tomorrow I will write and do a video blog tour of the farm.
I am very excited to make my video tomorrow.
I will be leaving the farm soon, so I am enjoying every single day of it.

Good night readers.
God Bless.

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