01 May 2008

Sun Kissed

I miss Boracay so much. Mostly, I miss my friends there.

The e mails I receive from my friends, are the things that really give me strength.
Through the hard times.
The emotional times.
Plus my mom is the best.
Just the best.

DJ has my money, and I will not stop my blog until he pays me back.
Why should I have to go to a Philippines court?
No way.
I sent him the 70,000 dollars, and he should just send it back.
I mean, lets look at it shall we.
He took it.
Give it back.
Its was a huge scam.

He has admitted to less then a third of the money that I have PROVEN I sent.
I will get it one day DJ.
I guarantee it!

I am about to sick a fierce collection agency on his ass (and his sister Mirvili) anyway's, so we'll see how they fight against them. Because they are not afraid of him. They always get their money.
They have guaranteed me my money back minus 10%.
They are the best, I have been told.

But until I get the money, this blog will continue.
Dishing. Yes.
Screw you DJ.
Your time is coming to an end.
Your 'society' friends will gather round you though, I'm sure.
because misery loves company.
They will forgive you again, and everything will go back to normal.
You think?
You will NOT get away with what you did DJ Montano.

You planned the entire thing DJ. I promised, you would not get away with this.
And apart from not paying me back yet, you have paid a huge price for your criminal actions.

Where is this BIG court case DJ?
More lies, lie, lies and even more lies.
You just use your country.
And it lets you.

I met with the a collection agency before I left Manila.
But it has taken me this long to finalize my documents.
DJ can try to avoid me.
But he WILL NOT be able to avoid them!
Because THEY will take him to court for me.
Because one day, I WILL get the money back, that was stolen from me.
No worries.
Minus 10% of course.
But I can live with that.

The blog has always been about Manila society through the eye's of an outsider.
I am that outsider.
It's never
just been about DJ Montano and the Gucci gang.
I have made that very clear already in this blog.
But primarily, yes, it is about DJ and the money he stole from me.
Buts It's bigger then that now.
Adjust please.
I have to every single day.

I write this blog for many reasons.

Some people are still grappling with the whole concept of what a blog is.
They want this blog to be everything to them.
People get angry when I divert away from my DJ objective.
They don't mind the truth, until of course it is about someone they know.
Then they turn on me.
Oh well.

I know I have true supporters who know my story has been the same from day one.
I have proven everything.
I will not be discouraged by certain people who seem to live in my blog.
Posting eight or ten times a day. Sometimes more.
Complete losers with no lives.
On someones payroll for sure.
They get into fights on my blog.
I have stopped that.
BQ is OUT.
And there are a few others that will never appear on the blog again.
Because they are really evil.
And they have no business here.
Bye bye.

You can find them on other blogs, that have used my blog for their readership.
More scammers.
Scammers everywhere you look.
Scam, scam, scam.
Its all a big scam.

I am even thinking about turning the comments off.
Fuck it.
Why have them?
Why bother?
Many bloggers have been telling me to shut them off.
They give up on them much faster then me.
They call me a trooper.
I get it.

There is only one of me.
If ten people start rushing me with hate, it becomes overwhelming.
So why bother? Right?

Why should I deal with these morons everyday?
I will just write, post, and walk away.
Enjoy my time here on the farm, while I still have it.
How would that be readers?
Let me know what you think please.

Should I turn the comments off?

The new wave of people trying to break me will never succeed.
They don't know me.
I am stronger then the lot of them put together.
I will just turn the questions off, and not care anymore about what people think.
Like most blogs do.

I can do without the anxiety and stress.
Trust me.

Now its DJ Montanos turn to show people where my money went.
Bloody criminal.
Show me the money DJ!
Prove what you did with my money.
Receipts please DJ.
Lease please DJ.
Show everyone how much I REALLY spent on Bora.
You scammer.

I have moved beyond explaining everything, to new comers to the blog.
Its too hard for me.
Why would I let these haters ruin my day?
I don't anymore.
I have bigger things to think about.
Like moving to Canada soon.

I have weeded out the wankers in the comments section readers.
WHY would I post twenty comments that are OBVIOUSLY written by the same person?
I can't believe some of the ridiculous comments I get.

So I will just continue writing my blog until DJ Montano pays me back.
Its quite simple.
This is not a popularity contest for me.
It never has been.

My situation has not changed since I started the blog.
So why would I stop with my objective?
I still don't have my money back.

People mentioned in my blog, LIVE for the spotlight.
Like Maurice.
But they are only familiar with positive lights.
That's Manila.
Its a joke.

Until now.

The poor are poorer.
And the rich are richer.
And that sucks.
Big Time.

It's Manila society, that fostered DJ's devious behaviour for so many years.
Looking the other way, when he ripped so many people off over the years.
Scammed millions, he did.
Left many broke and empty.
DJ is a crook.
No question.
I have no sympathy for the people mentioned in this blog.
No sympathy for the GG.
Or Tim Yap or Celine Lopez or Tina or any of them really.
Fight for your reputations like we all have to gang.
Many people have had a great run in Manila society.
But now it's starting to look like a train wreck.

I have yoga in the morning.

I need it.

Good night TEAM BRIAN, (thank you for the e mail chain, it was beautiful)

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