02 May 2008

Go Tessa! Go!

Manila always rewards its diva's.
And Tessa is a diva with a capital
I think Tessa is
Really beautiful.
A stunning little filipina, she is. Nice body.
I have always liked her.

I know she had some scandal a few months ago, but at least she can speak.
Unlike other people who lose the ability after a few lines...... CELINE!
I have seen Tessa at party's, and she is always the freshest face there.
She was always bopping around being fabulous.
Her dresses are always VERY tight, but always hot.
I hugged her once.
I felt something. Her energy.
She is a little fire cracker I reckon.
I have never heard a person say a bad word about Tessa.
Not one word on this blog about her.
But other people are just trashed every day in the comments.
Some people in Manila are so hated, its crazy.
And of course, these snobby prats, think we are all jealous of them.
They are delusional.

But I liked this Tessa chick, for some reason.
She's a babe.
I never thought, the photo of her doing drugs was real.
I have a sneaky suspicion, it was a set up.
Tessa is too smart to have done this.
I think the whole think was a big prank.
Good one Tessa!
I reckon, it was a joke.
A joke on Manila.
I personally don't think Tessa, was affected by it at all.
Teflon Tessa.
I love it!
Love her.

You go girl!
This queer is in your corner!
Tessa has just
received another award.
Good on you Tessa!

But can we talk about Tina Tinio?
When will you replace her?

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