02 May 2008

Seven Deadly Sins Revisited

Many heads are beginning to roll at The STAR newspaper.
I hear, they are developing a new lifestyle section to topple (or replace totally) Tim Yap's Supreme (which is shit, lets face it). A huge waste on money for The STAR.

Its a secret (Manila secret, which means everyone already knows), but people are already spilling the beans to me. And spilling. And spilling.
I also know that advertisers are fleeing from Tim Yap's section of the paper.
Many refuse to place ads anywhere near his or Celine's articles.
People do not want to be associated with them anymore.
They will NOT do press because they are afraid of the questions.
Gutless socialites.
Advertisers will place their ads in other sections of The STAR. Just not theirs.
Have you seen the latest issue of Y Style?
Its a joke. No ads.
Just crap pictures of stupid models looking dumb.
No ads.
Fire Celine Lopez and Tim Yap!
Celine has a coke snorting ghost writer, and we all know who it is.
And Tim Yap is just a complete nobody.

Is it still possible for Miss Celine Lopez to redeem herself in Philippines society?

He makes fun of the poor. He should be kicked out of Manila completely.
Read your articles Tim.
You should be full of shame for the things you have said.
Why do you blame the poor?
Do you think you are better then them?

The STAR petition that was removed, was never my petition.
I have no idea who started it or why it ended.
I have no idea readers. I signed it though. hahahaha.


Even though this article is two years old, I thought it fits the blog perfectly, now.

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