02 May 2008

Seeing Clearly

Good evening dear readers and TEAM BRIAN,

The video I took this morning will not upload.
I think its too long. Uhg!
I will try again in the morning with a new shorter version.
Shame too, because it was so nice.
Oh well.
You can't win them all.
Or can you?

I woke up this morning feeling very relaxed indeed.
The yoga is really helping me.

The birds were very noisy this morning, so I was up at 4 30am.
I enjoyed my coffee listening to the hundreds of birds all around me.
I took a bath in the creek.
Very cold.
Very magical.
I spent an hour in the garden before walking around with the camera.
My senses were buzzing.
It could have been the coffee though.
I'm leaving soon.

Thank you for the many e mails yesterday.
I only woke up this morning feeling so good, because of them.
I know you're around team.
No worries.

I feel the love.

I spoke to my beautiful Filipina Queen last night in Toronto.
She just can't believe I am finally going to move there, to be with her.
Its amazing, and we are both crazy with anticipation.
The most incredible Filipina in the world.
My girl Sanny.

She also told me, that the blog is big in Toronto.
Toronto has a HUGE
beautiful Filipino community.
I can't wait to be submerged in it again.
Except for the Balut.
I don't think we have Balut in Toronto.
I could be wrong though.
We'll see.

I miss my Filipino friends so much in Manila and
Hi to everyone.
My life is so different now.

I can't wait to move to Toronto.
It'a a VERY multi cultural place to live.
I need color in my life.
People color.

Readers, I only post comments twice a day now.
It all became too much, with the constant stream of hate.
Organized assaults on the blog.
Just rubbish.
I need to prepare for the comments section now.
Make some peppermint tea.
Chant for a few minutes.
Then open them up.
Sounds dramatic, but they ARE dramatic.

I went to town today for some supplies.
My best Australian girlfriend (of 20 years), is coming to stay with her new boyfriend this weekend.
I can't wait to prepare some proper food.
I eat like a bird when I am alone.
Its so bad.
I am so lazy when it comes to cooking.
I love cereal.
And toast.
And chocolate.
Like a kid.

I have too many things to do now in preparation for my move to Canada.
My schedule has changed so much, these past few weeks.
So the comments section is something I will get to when I have a spare hour or two.
I have to level out the stress that the comments section gives me.
Some people are shocking.
I pretend they are NOT Filipinos writing them.
I don't want to believe that Filipinos could write such things.
Oh well.
The love I get totally overwhelms the hate though.
Thank you TEAM BRIAN, for contacting me privately.

I want to thank Sue for her tremendous work selling the TEAM BRIAN T shirts.
I have been told, she sold out!
She sold every t shirt she made!

I have given my entire proceeds to charity.
Some people, think I made thousands of dollars from these t shirts.
Get real please.
Some of you are really way off the mark.
How much have you given to charity lately?
I have not made a penny.
I gave my portion to charity.

I will also give my advertising money to charity.
Five hundred dollars.
Name one please.
I am a giver.
Not a taker.
I can't wait to get a new job.
I already have idea's.

You know readers, I am just a normal guy.
This blog has created an ab-normal environment around me.
I am so grateful to be firmly planted with both feet on the ground.
My Australian and Canadian friends are so beautiful.
And incredibly supportive.

They all want me to get DJ.
Because they know what he did to me.
And my friends are very protective.
As I am, towards them.
Its all about loyalty.

I have a wonderful future to look forward to despite life's hiccups.
I will see my family very soon.
My precious mom.
My sweet Lola.
All my Aunty's.
My Dad too.
I am already planning to have a new career.
Although DJ has not given my money back, I have other plans.
I have no choice.
I may have no money now in the bank, but I still have me.
And that is worth all the money in the bank.

Until the collection agency gets my money back!

I am determined to be very happy. Very soon.
Money is not everything. I've always known that.

I regret DJ Montano more then anything else in my life.
But I will get over that too.
The fact that he lied and scammed me, will come back to haunt him forever.
My business partner and lover.
All a big scam.
Cheated on me the entire time.
And when its all suddenly taken from you.
It becomes an entirely different issue.
Believe me.
So my dear supporters, know that I am a happy person who loves others unconditionally.
I will never stop fighting for what is right.
I know who I am, in my heart and soul.
Life is difficult sometimes.
And we make bad decisions sometimes.
But we learn, and move on.
I own my mistakes though.
Every single one.

God Bless you all.

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