07 May 2008

Full Blown?

I took this picture today.
I wanted people to see that am in fact,
VERY healthy at the moment.
Despite my recent weight loss.
There is
soooooo much AIDS related hate that I have to get through on my blog.

I am ALREADY gaining ounces, which will soon be pounds.
I am only worried about my weight because I am normally ten to fifteen pounds heavier.
My TRUE fighting weight!
My doctor told me it is entirely stress related.
It has ZERO to do with my HIV.
It is from STRESS.
Montano related stress.
It has been given a name.
The only cure is pay back or PAY UP!

But I MUST stay healthy in case something does happen to me.
We all know how HIV works.
It can be very tricky.
Sneaky, like my ex.

And I think my body looks very healthy actually.
Just my face looks a bit haggard, thin and pale. 
But I am working on that.
Bless my Clarins tanning elixir.
But I don't care peeps, because someone thought I was 25 yesterday.
The best revenge EVER!

In fact, my particular HIV virus is undetectable at the moment.
I blow my doctors away! (not literally of course)
Do my haters even know what that means?
To be undetectable?
It means the doctors CAN'T detect HIV in my body.
Its sleeping.
Like your mushy brains are hate monster's.
Dark side revellers.

Montano is the only disease I am worried about.
And he should worry about his STD too!
Tell everyone what YOU have DJ.
Tell them.
I've been very quite about it.
So far that is.

I know certain people will pick on my HIV, because they have nothing else to get me on. This guy is clean.
No skeletons in my closet. I have stated it before.
And this fact really pisses my detractors off.

So TEAM BRIAN, have a look at my picture. I'm good, right?
NOT skinny at all.
I am much healthier looking then some people who criticise me.
I am almost 40 for goodness sake. 

And to the people who are FILLING my comments with AIDS hate,
please get a life.
I am NOT dying. 
Only of laughter dears.
Only of laughter.

This queer is living to a ripe old age!
More revenge served sweet!

I need DJ Montano's new phone number. He has changed it again.
I also need Celine's. Because I need to speak to that girl. And she will NOT refuse my call.
I need to speak with them both actually. Something REALLY important.
Does anybody have either of their cell numbers?
Send it to me privately please to my e mail or comments.
I will not publish any numbers in the comments section.

Successful sender gets a TEAM BRIAN  t shirt!
SIGNED by me and Pickles and Lucy!
I love it and my TEAM!

Killer posts coming soon!

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