06 May 2008

Tiny Tim, The Vicster Zubiri, KC (immaculate ?) Conception and Senator Migs TOO!

I will no longer be accepting comments in Tagalog. Zero.

The rumors going around that Senator Migs had my previous post removed is total 100% garbage.
They have NO power in Australia.
If you snort coke, I will tell people.
It is hypocrisy that I must uncover and exploit.
Because I don't care about these people.
I could not give a shit who there are.
They are all using their country for their own personal gain.
Vicky dear, stay home and rest.
Rest dear.
And no more surgery love.
For you and old man Maurice.

I have already admitted doing cocaine readers.
At the VERY beginning of this blog.
I did it once with DJ and Celine at Chut's flat.
When I first arrived in Manila.
Wendy was there and Marco and Jackie Antonio.
And of course Tiny Tim was there as well.
Papa Gucci.
He was being an arrogant little twat all night.
Baluga (Tina's new moniker) showed up that night and snorted about twenty huge lines.
No wonder why her fella dumped her.
SHE snorts a TON.
She was constantly waddling to the CR for some more.
Who wants to be married to a big fat coke head?
Not him I guess.
She used him anyways.
They all use each other.
No REAL love.
Just deals and contracts between people.
Just a HUGE bunch of backstabbing users.
Gay men posing as straight. Gay woman posing as straight.
So much hypocracy!

I was so angry that night, because DJ would NOT leave the flat.
I left on my own eventually.
Thats when Tim offered me sex.
A blow job.
At the elevator.
I almost DIED.
I politely declined his most generous offer.

I hear you are ill Vicky.
Is that true?
If it is dear, I suggest you get some rest and lay off the GG and party drugs.
OK dear.


Tim Yap bonds with kids of Virlanie Foundation
Karen A. Pagsolingan
Wednesday, April 9, 2008
05:56 PM

A few days after the Holy Week, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) gave Tim Yap a phone call. The intent was to ask him to comment about this blog owned by a Brian Gorrell.

Instead of issuing a statement, the good-natured
eventologist turned celebrity said he just spent a meaningful Holy Week.

PEP got curious: How did he spend his Holy Week?

He spent it at home. The day after Easter Sunday, Tim and KC Concepcion visited
Virlanie Foundation, an institution that provides shelter for abused and underprivileged kids.

We asked him to share his experience, along with some photos, and he did.

Here's a personal note from Tim Yap himself:

"Every year for three years now, KC Concepcion and I spearhead our Artist's Fair
Pilipinas with our good friend and organizer Hazel Soriaga. This is an event where we gather artists and celebrities together for a charitable cause. We sell our old items and clothing and the money we raise goes to our chosen beneficiary.

"Last Monday we turned over P500,000 to the
Virlanie Foundation and to
Hands On manila Foundation. The
Virlanie Foundation has a shelter for
abused and underprivileged youths, whereas the Hands On Manila people
recruit volunteers for several foundations, instilling a sense of
responsibility and volunteerism among the youth.

"We believe and highly support both foundations not just for this
particular effort, but for the long term as well. I have already
pledged my time and effort to these organizations. In fact, I already
volunteered for next Saturday's [April 5] "
Galing Mo Kid" mentoring
program for Hands On Manila.

"When I got to the
Virlanie house last Monday, I was so touched seeing
all the kids—they were calling me
Kuyafont> Tim—and I realized that I've
been missing this part of my life. It took someone like KC—I call
her my
bebefont>, my sunshiclass="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">ne—to shot>w me this. I was deeply touched.

"Now I proceed with my life with a new found sense of purpose. Not just
parties, more of a celebration of life. And a desire to make other people happy, in a way that can make more of an impact in other people's lives. More young people like us should do charity work and volunteer to do good—it'
class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_1">s priceless."font>


Dear Readers,

I have just been sent an e mail from a Boracay ont class="Apple-style-span" size="large">restaurant that I know VERY well, because a great friend owns it.
Tim Yap put in a call, telling them that the GG would be on Boracay , tclass="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_4">his up-coming weekend.
And for the pleasure of serving them, my friends would pick up the ENTIRE cost of the evening. For 70 people.
They almost died.
These people have enough money to pay for their food.
Why the fuck to they get ex deals everywhere they go?
They are just a bunch a useless douche bags.
And Tim is the worst.

They do not want to pay for anything on Boracay.
Tim, you are so transparently disgusting, how you whore yourself for free shit to give your precious Gucci Gang. You are all shameless takers.
Not givers.
Your charity is a scam Tim. Everyone knows it.
You are ONLY doing this because of my blog.
You are a very sad person.
We will be watching you Tim, to see if this charity work is real or just another way to have your ugly face pictured with KC, who is very hot at the moment.
PLEASE be careful KC. Many people love you.
Do not blow your future by hanging with coke heads and criminals.
Stay away from the cocaine KC.
Because you will be finished if I hear that you are a GG member.

No coke for KC!

People love you dear KC. I think you are amazing and truly beautiful.
Unlike the trash you sometimes hang out with.
Just a bunch of loser ex deal freaks.
Free, free, free and more free.
Charity my ass TIM.
Too late mate.

Now, I want to believe this news about Tim Yap.
But my Pinoy-esque cynicism prevents me from doing so.
I don't care that he has put some charity together because of this blog.
But I am thrilled that children may benefit long term.
If Tim is actually devoted to the cause.
We'll see I guess.
It all stinks of image repair to me folks.
And it's all because of this blog readers. Trust me.
Tim never did charity before, unless HE profited somehow.
I have known about this charity for a long time.
Just waiting for it to appear.
I broke this news almost two months ago on my blog.
So for the people who think my 'sources' are weak... I beg to differ.
My scoops are never wrong.
And that's why people are so pissed with my blog.
They hate my truth.

I have an GREAT insider at the Star. And I also have a current GG member who writes everyday.
More on that later. Which one you ask? Guess readers.
Guess which GG member is in contact with me.

Which Gucci Gang member is Judas?

Vicky and Maurice were mentioned in this blog for a reason.
Everyone knows Vicky is a party animal. She has been on the scene forever and a day. I love that people defend her. Why? Because her son is a Senator?
Because she is old? Ill?
I have over thirty pictures of this woman, sent to me be everyone out there in cyber world.
Pictures of her being a party animal.

I have pictures of Vicky Partying HARD at Celine's house.
Pictures of her at Chut's house.
She is a snorter. No question. Test her hair strands. Test them all!
Test the Senator too!
I have see this woman in action.
Everyone knows that Vicky Z is a product of society and nothing else.
A cling- on lint ball.
I have been told she has an illness, and this is not fare on her or her health.
Fuck fare.
Well, neither is cocaine good for your health Vics, and I know Miss Vicky loved to partake. Her son is the DRUG TZAR for goodness sakes.
Why should he not be mentioned?
I am ill too!
She is no different.
She must defend her own hypocracy.
Her son should defend her in the press.
But he can't do this.
Because too many people know who she really is.
What about the poor people in the Philippines who are ill?
Who cares about them?
But Vicky, for some reason gets a pass?
Not on my blog she doesn't.
No one does.

And as for Vicky Z or her son threatening to sue me.
What a joke.
No one would dare sue me because I have proof!
So if I am pushed on this issue with Vicky Z, I will publish every photo I have of her, to prove that she is a Gucci Gang elder!
Like old man Maurice. Poor dear.
And that dead cat on your head is hideous Maurice.
They both need to speak out on this issue.
They are elders and should lead by example.

If this Vicky woman is so ill, then WHY does she insist on being the center of every gathering. STILL.
Cocaine is ok, as long as no one finds out. Right Vics? Correct DJ?

Yes Vicky's son is a Senator.
Big bloody deal. They are a dime a dozen in the Philippines. You buy that job.
DJ was in love with Migs though. Infatuated in fact.
Would go on and on about Migs this, Migs that.
Dj would go on and on about how Vicky's son Migs, would help him with our tourism business on Boracay.
How he was a good 'catch'

DJ loved this guy. A real politician.
DJ should actually become one too.
He is perfect for Philippines government.
DJ told me he Migs was going to be president one day.
Really DJ?
You really have 'friends' in 'high' places. Don't you?

Or do you?

So for the people who have come to this woman's (Vicky's) rescue. Don't bother. I know the truth about her and her family. Everyone writes to tell me what a coke head she was and is (?).
And if her health condition is true, then she should lay off!
And heal.

Miss Vicky, her son and Maurice A and the rest of the people mentioned in this blog can do one thing.
Tell your friend and mate, DJ Montano to give me back my money.
This is his blog you know.
He told me so much stuff. I could go on forever.
And everyone can ask DJ if its true.
Because it came from his little jabber jaw.

Because this will never stop.
Until DJ does the correct thing.

DJ is responsible for this. And only DJ.
I am being driven to uncover the truth and scandal until he pays me back.

Xeng....... you are next dear. And have I got the shit on you.

This is warfare now.
I am tired of the lies and hate from my enemies.
They only make me more determined.
Fiercely so.
I am going to show you all, what 'take no prisoners' really means.

Don't forget readers.

Love life!

70,000 DJ Montano.


And TIM,


Please have a listen to this podcast interview with Migs Zubiri.
I found it very interesting indeed.
What do you think readers?

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