22 May 2008

Gay Marriage?

Same-sex marriage is a term for a governmentally, socially, or religiously recognized marriage in which two people of the same sex live together as a family. Other terms for this type of relationship include "gay marriage," "gender-neutral marriage," "equal marriage," "lesbian marriage," "same-sex civil marriage," "marriage equality," "homosexual marriage," "single-sex marriage," or "same-gender marriage."

California is the latest state to legalise gay marriage. Arnold Schwarzenegger loves the gays. He knows they are regular lovely people. For goodness sakes, he's a product of Hollywood. And Hollywood is GAY GAY GAY.
Many other countries, already give their 'sub cultured' nationals the respect and equality they deserve.

Marriage is a gift, not a right.
All people in love should be able to get married.
The reason why many people are afraid of gays and lesbians and transgendered people getting married legally, is because we would no longer be dirty sinners.

If we're  'allowed' to be married, then 'they' no longer have the ammunition they need, to inflict their ignorance and hatred upon us. The divide will be closed..... finally.
Their 'selfish' bullets will no longer have a target to aim for.
And all gays and lesbians and transgendered people, and every other person on the planet will be able to make this sacred commitment to another person of the same sex. Without being judged and denied, or shown the door.

The concept of marriage belongs to us all, or at least it should.
It belongs to the world really.
And I am sick to death of people claiming it as their divine right and excluding the rest of us from the blessed opportunity.

Many people need to understand that gays, lesbians and transgender people are just the same as you, or anyone else. And the rest of the world is waking up to this.
I only hope that one day, this will be a debate that we all look back upon in amazement.
Amazed that it took so long to recognize our proper right to be married under the law.

If a homophobic person was on the operating table, and the only heart available was that of a gay person, do you think it would be rejected? 

Nope. In this case, a gay heart would suffice, I'm sure of it.
But it would beat just the same as a straight heart.
It will pump the blood, regardless of who, it has been to bed with.
The new heart will love just the same.
It'll break too, if its not looked after.
My heart is the same as any heart.
It often feels deep long lasting joy, but can also wallow in sadness for what should have been. 

Every heart deserves to soar high in the clouds. 
Our hearts should be able to fly, anywhere they wish, to look for their happiness and fulfillment they need in order to keep the beat of life reverberating in our ears.

I want to be married. I deserve to have a husband.
I've been through the mud now.
And its time for me, to swim in crystal blue waters.
With the man I love.
With the man I'd die for.
With the man I'd do anything for.
Except send money via Western Union.

Readers, you have to laugh!

I love you all.
I am feeling the love!

B (can you tell how happy I am today readers?)

I don't even want to touch on religion here today. People like me again. I would like to keep it this way for a week or two.

Gay marriage is
legal in Canada. So you know that I will be getting married one day readers.
Regardless of what has happened to me, I am still ready for love.

And I AM going to get married.

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