23 May 2008


Extradition is the official process by which one nation or state requests and obtains from another nation or state the surrender of a suspected or convicted criminal. Between nation states, extradition is regulated by treaties. Between sub-national regions (for example, the individual states of the U.S.), where extradition is required by law it is more accurately known as rendition.
There's another
wildfire rumor blazing through Manila.
Some tinny chatter about me being extradited from Australia to Manila.
We assume this is yet another planted diversion by my enemies, to keep the Filipino people under the impression, that they are actually doing something about me and my truth.
This would take years.
And I will be gone soon.
How on earth could this ever happen?
Australia is not going to hand me over to the Philippines for goodness sakes.
We're not a banana republic.
The Australian Federal Police are very aware of my blog and they know whats going on.
We are NOT worried.
I've broken no law that we know of.
I will be contacting every Australian newspaper tomorrow.

You have to
murder someone to be extradited from Australia.
We just don't hand over our nationals because of a blog.
Freedom of speech has some meaning here.
Australia will not extradite an HIV positive person to the Philippines for telling the truth.
DJ and whoever else thinks they can fuck with me, even further, has a nasty surprise in store.
Because I am a fighter.
This will only be another chapter in my book.
So go ahead, and waste your money.
The Philippines has enough problems without me beating my drum for the next five years.
DJ has so many problems. He should just pay back the 70,000 he stole from me.
And this will stop.

I'm working on the farm today. 
More later dear readers.


PS. Emily R? Why on earth would she give me money? She didn't steal it from me. DJ Montano did! 
That is pure crazy. DJ owes me money, not Mrs. R.

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