21 May 2008

Oh Dear!

I really don't know what to say about this readers.
I have a full day planned, so I will leave it to you to comment.
There is another part of the letter that I can't upload for some reason.
I will put it up later this afternoon.

DJ admitted on Korina Sanchez that his family was going to make millions.
DJ only thinks in the millions. DJ only steals in the millions too.
They will sue Google. They will sue Blogger.
They will sue me, which would be pointless, as DJ already took my money.
I have some old clothes he can have.
And my Partridge Family lunch box from eBay.
That's worth eighty bucks peeps.

Yeah, DJ can have everything he hasn't already stolen from me.
His lawyers must be very proud to represent one of the Philippines most notorious scammer/swindler/liar/cheater/grifter/fraud/bandit and the rest!

DJ should have led a better life. One that did not involve such dubious methods to obtain his financing for his previous disastrous business ventures and scams. DJ slopped up his mess with my money.
His lawyers are misguided. But at least he found some lawyers.
Not at all a Barrister though.

Wish me luck readers.
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