28 May 2008

The Philippines

I found this great video on YouTube.
I'm surprised that so few people have watched it.
Its beautiful.
More people should see it.

I receive so many e mails from people over seas.
They ask me what the Philippines is really like.
This video is perfect.
Most people 
know that  every country has its issues. Especially the one that they live in.
But my blog is about the Philippines.
I lived in the Philippines, so naturally, I have become passionate about  my time spent there. You just don't walk away from everything that you experience and live through.
You don't have to live somewhere for twenty years to get it.
Well travelled people learn to assimilate very quickly.
And I did. Very quickly.
Its a testament to my character that I blended so well with Filipinos.
I get them. 
I never had a single problem during my life there, except for DJ and his pathetic world of make believe.

And my detractors will never take that magic away from me.
They can't, because I have over five thousand pictures to remind me.
My readers also know that the Philippines is great is many ways.
Because I've made that very clear in my blog.
And this video proves it.
I am PRO Philippines, and I always will be.
I've watched this video a few times.
I get emotional.
Its the Philippines I dream about when I close my eyes.
A very beautiful place.
With beautiful people.

And then I wake up and remember.
Its like a roller coaster.
Love/hate relationship.
Like I have for Australia.
And Canada.
Its normal.

The Philippines
really is a beautiful country.
And the Filipino people inspire me to be a better person.
I know I will go back one day. I hope I do.
But if not, I have enough Filipino friends who will suffice.
No problem. I don't have to come back.
Because my best friends house in Toronto, is just like a little Philippine country.

I have Filipino friends who live all over the country and all over the world.
I've taken trips into the provinces which I loved.
My friends in Manila are very normal, with normal lives.
Not flash. Not trash. Hard workers like myself.
Yes I met some horrible people and had some horrible experiences.
But horrible people are all over the world.
And another bad experience could come tomorrow.
But I will be much wiser for my wonderful time in the Philippines.
Boracay was amazing.
I will never forget it.
Not one bad experience the entire time I lived there.
Except DJ.

Stay strong.
Stand tall.
Be brave.
No worries.

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