27 May 2008

Working Man

Today, I am going to help a friend with his garden. 
Pocket money for my move. I love it.
I already have a great job lined up in Toronto. We'll see.
Its a great opportunity for me though.
I will be working with flowers again if I take the position.
I can't wait to start my life fresh.
People are waiting for me there.
Its such a nice feeling to have friends like mine.
Fiercely loyal and devoted.
My best friend would do anything for me, as I would for her.

I'm so excited to be in the dirt again. 
The plants I have are amazing and will blend perfectly with the house.
I usually just help my friends for nothing.
But this is a big job.

The radio show was great this morning. I love chatting to
MoTwister , Mojo and Grace.
Grace gets sooooo much fan mail at my blog. I tell them to e mail the station.
MoTwister is right, the numbers on my blog are up.
People can trash me all they want in the comments.
I'm like
teflon now. I talk about things in the news.
And whatever else I wish to discuss.
Some people have to get on board with this concept.
And my loyal readership, well they know the truth.
There is a lot of content on the blog.
I don't expect everyone to make the journey from its beginning.
So I understand why some people are so feral with recent posts.
Its cool.
I'm glad they have a place to vent though.
I just wish some were more clever, instead of being so hateful and cruel to me.
This achieves nothing.
These people will never see their comments posted.
And I know that pisses them off.
I won't apologize for my blog or what is on it.

And if you want to defend JMR, please don't just sit there and write like twenty comments in a row. Its so obvious what's happening. Changing your writing to trick me does not work anymore.
I'm afraid I've had to sharpen my skills over the months, in order to compete with this crafty bunch. 

OK I get it. JMR is perfect. Blah blah blah. 
JMR should have called or e mailed me before he started his campaign against me.
Why the hell would I call him?
My source is not wrong.
And JMR did the wrong thing.
He poked his nose in where is does not belong.
He attacked people who are only trying to help me.
Therefore he has opened himself up to the blog.
Its simple.
I am on the offensive.
Not the defensive.

I'm sure JMR is writing half these comments.
Because I know how the blog works now.
I can smell bombardment now.

JMR was supposed to appear on Magic 89.9 this morning with me.
It was his idea I'm told. I'm sure he thought about it for a second though.
What would he achieve going on the radio?
I would only confront him with what I've heard.
Instead of doing battle against me JMR,
You should be fighting for my cause.

But JMR failed to show this morning.
We waited for him.
He must have slept in.
Because yesterday, he wanted to confront me.
But today, he chickened out.
They all do.

Caught out!

See you on the flip side peeps.
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