27 May 2008

Magic 89.9 with Mojo and Grace

I'm really looking forward to being on the radio tomorrow morning with Mojo and Grace. I hope your listening JM.
MoTwister has been in America interviewing the new American Idol. I'm so jealous.

I'll be on at 730 am Manila time as usual.
The past week on the blog has been so big.
I'm never really sure how people are going to react to my entries.
I just write what I feel and think.
I never thought I w
ould ever be called a racist though.
Honestly, that one surprised me.

And this week, the blog had some mixed reactions!
I only discuss things that are in the news readers.
I never want to upset people to the point where they threaten my life.
Its all too much sometimes.
Gosh, what am I up against here.
I will not be bullied.

Being on the breakfast show with 
Mojo and Grace gives me the opportunity, to be normal about this whole thing.
It also lets me put things into perspective for the listeners.
I am both grateful and thankful to Magic 89.9,
MoTwister, Mojo and Grace for being so kind to me.
They have helped me so much, I could never thank them enough.
Many people have been doing battle with Magic, over my weekly contribution to the Wednesday breakfast show.
The station has been threatened many times.
They have dealt with much flack, over their decision to help me, by giving me a voice among the chatter.
People listen to my interviews, and they hear a normal guy.
They tell me, they forgot that I was actually a real person.
Some people forget that I really am just trying to move on.
And in my own way, I already have.
DJ has not paid me back.
And I have to live with that.
And so does he readers.

My new career awaits me.
I just have to decide what its going to be.
I will save up again.
Start over.
Like many others have to.
I'm no different.

Good night dear readers.
I hope you listen for me in the morning.

God bless

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