27 May 2008

JM Rodriguez

JMR visiting Tim Yaps flat.

This is my first post on JM Rodriguez.
I had no intention of doing one until I started hearing all this shit that he's been saying about me.
Well fuck you JM because your on the list now.

I thought we were friends, but if fact you are my enemy.
Fooled again.
JMR is working for Tim Yap, I'm told.
Trying to take me down.
Many think they are lovers.
Tim and JM lovers?

Hmm, I only just wrote that I liked this guy, in my last post.
He knows friends of mine in Manila and Boracay.
But new fresh information has come my way about JMR.
He is my nemesis I'm told.
He's working his gay ass off, hard behind the scenes, trying to destroy me.
Is that true JMR?
Who's dirty work are you doing JM.
And now, I have been told by several people that he is my worst enemy in Manila.
He and Tim's other assistant.
OK, I will assess this and get back to you both.
Trust me.

JMR wants me OFF the Magic 89.9 radio show on Wednesdays at 730am.
Really JM? Is this true? WHY?
Why are you lobbying so hard to have me off the air?
This is not your fucking business you little lemming.
Instead of fighting me, you should just stay quiet.
Now look what you've done. Your on my radar now mate.
I just don't understand why you would get involved with this.

What did you have to say to DJ Toni of Magic FM?
Do you really want to fuck with me JM?

Are you still bitter because you lost your one million peso CENTURY TUNA endorsement?
Despite JMS's recent financial catastrophe, he still remains a permanent fixture at the Embassy 'SUPER DRUG DEN' club.

Apparently JMR has made blatant accusations against Mojo for keeping me there.
Is this true as well JMR?
Maybe you do run the hate blog against me mate.
Its what many people are saying dear.
Gosh, this surprises me about JMR.
Now it turns out he is my enemy too.
Fag against fag.

Its on.
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