26 May 2008


Can you believe the nerve of FRANKENSTEIN and his up-and-coming BRIDE?
How much did Tito Lopez pay Dolly Ann for the press release?
(Jowee Ann’s dad, actor Joey Marquez was proven guilty by the courts for stealing funds meant for BROOMSTICKS when he was mayor.)

By Dolly Anne Carvajal
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 20:46:00 05/26/2008
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MANILA, Philippines—Jowee Ann Marquez and Tito Lopez are head over heels in love.

They are celebrities in their own right. Jowee is the daughter of Joey Marquez and former actress Brenda del Rio. Tito is a Lopez scion (son of Albertito and Emily Lopez).

They met nine years ago when Jowee was 12 and Tito was 22. “We never kept in touch and just saw each other as distant friends,” recalls Jowee. “When I turned 17, he called my cousin to fix a dinner date with me but there was no malice at all (laughs). From then on, he would call to check on me and seek advice on his relationships. We both split up from our partners at about the same time and that’s how it started.”

Tito hasn’t met Jowee’s dad. But Jowee is upbeat. “Dad has seen his pics,” she says. “I want Tito and I to be together longer so that he will be the last BF my dad will ever meet.”

What do they love most about each other? “She keeps me grounded,” Tito says. “She always reminds me to stay humble because I’ve been blessed in so many ways.”

Jowee relates, “He gives me a wake-up call every morning to inspire me to be the best I can be.”

The 10-year age gap is no problem for them at all. “We enjoy the same stuff. Besides he doesn’t look his age,” Jowee explains. “This is the only relationship that I’m willing to go through hell and back...” Has it been just seven months since they went steady? From the way they sound, it seems like they’ve been loving each other since birth.

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