26 May 2008


Dear readers,

I felt the need to write this open post to the people who have lost the plot on my blog.
Wow, I had no idea writing about something in our news would be so taken out of context.
Thank you to the rational people who have left constructive comments. This post is for the people who have behaved in an abominable way.

Racism, by its simplest definition, is discrimination based on racial group. One with racist beliefs might hate certain groups of people according to their race (i.e., bigotry), or in the case of institutional racism, certain racial groups may be denied rights or benefits. Racism typically starts with, though is rarely confined to the assumption that there are taxonomic differences between different groups of people. Prejudices on other grounds would strictly categorize as discrimination to national or regional origin, religion, occupation, social status or some other distinction.

Me? A racist
No fucking way.

Some people reading this blog are being a little too sensitive for their own good.
I mean really! Get a grip please. 
Some of the comments are both gruesome and grisly and many would never be let through. It's so sad to know they have been written by a Filipino.
That's part of the problem here.
Some of you are truly twisted and need to see a therapist. Seriously.
My supporters don't need to fling this type of hate.
I have not changed as as person.
I wish everyone was as rational as my supporters.

I've every right to comment on items in the Australian news, or the Philippines news for that matter. We receive four hours of Filipino television everyday here.

Our Filipino community is amazing in Australia.
We don't have maids or servants.
Filipinos who live in Australia, have great lives. They are not servants.
They are not poor. Their children receive the best education.
They assimilate perfectly into the wider Australian community.
Filipinos blend in perfectly within our multi cultural landscape.
You can hardly consider the reverse as being the same.
Of course their are cases of domestic tragedy here too.
I am well aware of that.
I don't live under a rock, like some.
I have every right to stress this point as well.
I have dozens of Filipinos friends in Australia.
And I can tell you, they are 'hang up free' for the most part.
'Getting out' of the Philippines will do that to you.
Shed that chip on your shoulder.
We all have one.

Australians wash their own clothes and dishes.
We don't need  OR want Filipino servants.
We want Filipino friends, and family too.
And people who can afford to have staff, pay them the same as any other Australian.
And they are rarely Filipino.
Help is usually another 'white' Australian.
Thank you very much.
Some people need to do more research and look at the real true ties between the Philippines and Australia.
Some need to stop it with this colonial rubbish.
Move on please.
21st century debate.

The Philippines have to date, given more money then the United States, to the victims of Burma's earthquake relief. They are fifth of the current donation list.
I will always applaud the Philippines when it steps up to the plate.

Filipinos in Australia have a very strong social awareness and they make a huge contribution to our economy. 
My country is not perfect. We all know that.
But gosh, neither is yours, you know?
Filipinos enrich our country.
Australia has a very proud Filipino population.
Trash Australia all you want out of hyper sensitivity.
I don't mind.
At lease I am being civil.
You know? Civil?

I write about things.
And I will continue to do so. Its called a blog.
And this best selling book written by a mother about her child murdered in the Philippines is news.
My blog encompasses the Philippines in my areas for discussion.
Look at my header please. This is stated very clearly.

I have dozens of other reports as well. I have many files about murdered foreigners in the Philippines. I have not posted these. I only posted the previous story because it was front page news here. So please.
These files and reports have been sent to me by Filipinos. So how am I the racist when the majority of information is coming from your country? Many Filipinos want these things discussed. They are not afraid to talk about the negative aspects to the Philippines.  I've read my post again, and some of the comments directed at me are sad and ignorant and way out of touch. I do not deserve these comments. But they do make me stronger.
The majority are simply reactionary burst of hate and ignorance and many are too guttural to describe. Sad really, that my entry caused some to react in this way.
But I have not posted all of these comments. Because they would truly make the Philippines look backward.
Because my intent was never to pigeonhole the Philippines.
And I didn't do that. My blog is very balanced and fare.
I love the Philippines for many reasons.
Of course their is a flip side to every coin.
Its called reality.
And many need a reality check.
Heads out of the sand please.
Calling me a racist for writing about this mother is a pathetic tactic used by my 'moral free' accusers. And typical as well. I know what racism is. Trust me.
And I did not generalize and call all Filipinos murderers. Get real please.
Fuck off with this shit. I am so tired of these hyper sensitive Filipinos, who live with their heads in the sand. 

I have moved so beyond my haters. I have never loved an adopted country more then the Philippines. I would still be there if DJ had not decimated my bank account.
Lets not forget that please.
Before DJ, my life was great and on track.
Its just a very sad day, when my opinions and facts are treated in this fashion.
Why do some people come to the blog?
They hate everything I write.
They hate the picture, the videos, the songs, the truth.
They will always hate me.

My supporters know the truth. My Filipino infrastructure knows the truth.
Many more encourage me, then discourage me.
I have dozens of reports of Westerners being murdered in the Philippines.
Just like apparently, some Filipinos have reports of Australians being murderers too.
Ahh, yeah.
You think I don't know that?
Why don't you start a blog for your information?
This is my blog.

So I just don't get it.
But I do. 
Its fucked up.
As soon as I write something you don't like about the Philippines, I'm a racist. You fire back with mega hate and a dizzying array of racist comments about me.
I will continue to let through the retaliatory comments with regards to Australian crimes.
I would like you to read all the reports.
I am very balanced. People get cross when I don't let through their hate mail though.
Why don't you write me personally at my e mail.
Because you are gutless and evil, that's why.

I am the only one with the courage to have a blog like this one.
Why would I let some of these comments through?
True whack jobs will not appear in the comments. And their are a few writing at the moment.
It could be the same whack job, but every time I write about the Philippines, there seems to be a constructed wall of hate put up. And very quickly. Organized. I know it.

That means, the blog is working.
Not boring,
but working.
These hateful people hiding behind anon, when they should be in therapy. DEEP therapy.
I, at no point, was racist, so stick that up your ass, to whomever believes, that this is the case.
I am so tired of being accused of this rubbish when ever I say something negative about the Philippines.
Its disgusting to suggest such a thing. The people who think I'm a racist really need to look at themselves. And read me entire blog. Then they can really piss off for good.
Why would I move to the Philippines?
Why are all my best friends Filipino?
Why do I even bother?

Because I love the Philippines and its people.
You will never twist this in my heart.
Many of you, who write to the me, are way beyond help.
You are the racists I'm afraid.
Feral jealous racists.
Jealous and hateful towards the white man writing his feelings , thoughts, observations, and facts about YOUR country, Your the one who hates the Philippines, because you accept it the way it is, and crucify any outsider who dares scratch the surface.
Well, that's too fucking  bad I'm afraid.
Fuck off away from my blog.
Readers, some people always promise too, but they keep coming back for more.
Fuck off I tell you.
Readers, I won't explain myself or this blog anymore.
They have to explain why they are coming here.
They need to  to explain how their mentally deficient minds,  could write such things to me.
Some of my haters need to be committed.

And please explain why your comments are so degrading to your race.
Readers, some people should hide behind their shame for the things they have written to me.
They give your country a very bad name. 
Many people read this blog from all over the world. Rational people who can process negative information about their countries without turning inside out and threatening lives.

Adobo. Yes I know what that is. I love it.
My Yaya prepared beautiful Adobo.
So the person who wants to make Adobo out of Lucy and Pickles, is what he is.
This person is sad.
Not I.
Why did I get shit for letting this through?

Racism is a cheap crutch, that many lean on too often, to justify their weak side of an argument.
I'm not a racist.
I'm a blogger.
I'm amused at the hostility in the feed back.
But also sickened by it.

Its crazy. Written by crazy people.

People who harm animals, eventually move on to humans.

I pray for the people who write me in this hideous way.
I pray for the people who threaten my life.
I pray for their hearts and minds.
I pray for their children if you have any, god help them.

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