15 May 2008

Vincente S. MMC Scandal Update and Monsignor Idiot

Doctors, nurse in Cebu rectal surgery scandal suspended. Only one nurse? They should ALL be terminated! They should also have to go on television and apologize to the victim, his family and friends and the entire Philippine nation for their responsibility in the despicable act of doctor patient terrorism. This man should get a million dollars. I've said it once and I will say it again. PAY HIM!

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Rectal surgery incident in Cebu prompts medical group to amend ethics book
04/20/2008 | 01:11 PM
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MANILA, Philippines - The “unfortunate incident" in a Cebu hospital where a rectal surgery of a male patient ended up being posted on
YouTube has prompted the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) to amend its code of ethics.

According to incoming
PMA president Dr Rey Santos, physicians are expected to approve the amended code of ethics during their scheduled assembly next month.

“We’re submitting the amendments to the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) after the general assembly approves it," Santos said.

Santos said the amendments seek to strengthen the ethical guidelines of physicians especially while dealing with patients and performing surgeries.

He described the behavior of the doctors and other medical practitioners involved in the Cebu incident as “highly unethical" which “should not be tolerated."

Santos noted that the surgeon who performed the procedure at the Vicente
Sotto Memorial Medical Center is “in-charge" of what was happening inside the operating room.

“The giggling among medical staff that was shown on the video was not a usual attitude at the operating room," he said.

The incident sparked into a scandal as videos of the operation showed one of the staff holding the body spray and aiming it on those inside the OR while countless cell phones take shots of the surgery.

He added that while the patient’s case was “unusual," “it’s not an excuse" for the medical team to behave unprofessionally while treating a person.

“Basically, the issue here is respect for human dignity. The patient was very helpless at that time," the incoming
PMA president said.

He added that medical students are also aware of the ethical practice of the profession because it is taught in schools.

Investigation conducted on the incident has pointed to one of the interns present during the operation at the
VSMMC as the one responsible for the YouTube clip. - GMANews.TV


Now I am waiting for an apology from the totally and completely ridiculous Monsignor Achilles Dakay (and other clothed men), who felt the need to expose themselves as nasty homophobes with little or no social concsience whatsoever. Achilles Dakay was so out of line even commenting on this issue. 
So many men of the cloth are such sad pathetic hypocrites.
Stick to your religion and church and bible guys. Leave the health care system to the Philippines Medical Association and the main stream with a higher conscience then you.
Mr. Dakay. You are such a shameful sham. Your thinking is very misguided and wrong. You just preach about God mate, and leave everything else to the appropriate people, who actually know what the fuck their talking about.
Stop spreading hate and homophobia Monsignor Dakay, with your disgusting ignorant comments about this particular scandal. You need an education on kindness, truth, and compassion. Do you REALLY think you will get into heaven Monsignor? Hmm.
The church has NO place blaming the victim in this case. God did NOT want these men and woman to marginalize the integrity of their oaths in that room that day. The devil took over that day in that operating room. Are you supporting the devil Monsignor? 
These medical oaths were taken just like a priests. To serve and protect, respect, and care for. Blah blah blah. They mean nothing unless implemented. This man has to apologize too, for being such a rude, thoughtless lemming.

Not abuse, embarrass, neglect, humiliate and disregard the needs and compassion for others with their duty of care. I see this Monsignor , as being in the room, with these sad people from the Philippines medical fraternity, during the assault on the patient. I can actually visualize him in the room laughing and joking with the perpetrators of this crime (?). Not a good look dude.

The Monsignor and others,  only added fuel to the homophobic fire with their grossly irresponsible comments on this issue. The Catholic church needs to love, not hate.
Religion had no place in this debate. Regardless of the church's 'position' on the subject.
Just shut the hell up. That should be your only position.
And this guy who 'speaks' for the Catholic church, needs to chill out and get a boyfriend.
Stick a pole in it Monsignor.
And shut the fuck up.

Cebu priest says 'surgery scandal' man should also be blamed
04/23/2008 | 03:50 PM
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MANILA, Philippines - A Catholic priest on Wednesday said that the 39-year old man who underwent rectal surgery in Cebu should also accept part of the blame.

According to the priest who is based in Cebu, the
patients trouble started when he contacted an alleged call boy who then stuck a body spray canister up the man's rectum at the height of their sexual act.

“They seem to forget the whole thing. They are blaming the doctors for what they (did) but I think they should blame the guy for what they did," Monsignor Achilles
Dakay, spokesman for Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, said.

Dakay's comment was aired over church-run Radio Veritas.

The patient had admitted in previous media interviews that he picked up a male prostitute. He said he was drunk when the incident happened in January.

He had an operation at the Vicente
Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) to have the canister removed. However, doctors recorded the surgery and had fun doing it.

The video has been posted on

Dakay said that while the church is not condemning homosexuals, it will not tolerate homosexual acts.

“They are made that way but if they did what is prohibited, that’s another thing," he added.

In the same interview,
Dakay said that homosexuality is “prevalent" in Cebu, the province where the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan erected the country’s first Cross.

“We should be ashamed. It’s not just scandalous, (it’s) very shameful," he said, referring to the spread of the surgery video on the Internet.

Remoto, co-founder of the gay group Ang Ladlad, earlier commented that the patient was victimized twice: first when the male prostitute inserted the canister inside his rectum, and second, when the video of the operation spread via YouTube.

Ang Ladlad, composed of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender, sent a psychologist to Cebu to counsel the patient who is filing charges against the hospital’s medical team and were seen misbehaving during the procedure.

Remoto said Dakay comment towards the incident is "expected" because this is the Catholic Church's stand towards homosexuality.

"Msgr. Achilles was just reiterating the church's stand," he said.

Remoto reiterated his call to gay individuals to "be careful" when engaging in solicited sex.

"In the end, we are one with the Catholic Church," he said. -

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