04 May 2008

Wikipedia - Gucci Gang Controversy

The Wikipedia entry for the DJ Montano/Gucci Gang controversy is even broader now.
And it will only get bigger, the longer my blog continues.
Forever on line.
So we wont forget, how ridiculous it all is.
It really needed to be looked at. This peculiar culture.

The new
Wikipedia content is extensive and very thorough.
It really does look like a train wreck now.
This tier of Manila society.
Flash trash.

DJ mate. You are to blame for this. People will blame you when all is said and done.
Because they know you have my savings and just refuse to give it back.

You stole my savings.
Typical Montano.
Just a common criminal.
A cheating thief.
And this blog is your creation.


The proof is already on the blog mate.
So much money.
Where is it?
What did you blow it on?
I have caught you and your family in so many lies.
The whole world knows your family is corrupt.
Your corruption is everywhere DJ.
Your victims are scattered all over Manila.
And soon, they will surface.
And ask for their money too!
You can't deny it.
You won't be able to.

Please have a look readers at the entry.

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