04 May 2008

Happy Monday AGAIN!

Well TEAM BRIAN and bloggers, another beautiful week is ahead for us all.

This week, I am focusing on my health and diet. Big time!
I need to gain about ten kilos in three months.
So wish me luck.
I will meet with a special nutritionist today.
And I'm hoping she can help me out with my calorie intake.
I just do not eat very much.
Her sister is my yoga teacher.
So its a family affair.

I am about to go on a new combination of drugs as well.
The combination I am on now has run its course so to speak.

And you have to have some excess weight, in case there are side effects.
Because your weight is the first thing to be stripped away.
The medication I am on now makes me very drowsy, and I hate that.
I can't drive at night because I get the blurrs.

Before I move to Canada, I would like my new combination to settle well with my system.
So I can truly start out fresh.
I can't wait to see my mom.
And my best friend.

So another week begins for me and the blog.
More uncharted territory to explore.
Choppy waters indeed.

Some people out there, seem to be making a big deal about the visitor numbers decreasing on my blog.
Well, they HAD to, didn't they.
Gosh, how could I possibly manage if the numbers stayed so high?
I couldn't.
However, the blog has had many millions of visitors.
And still has hundreds of thousands every week.

I have almost 40,000 e mails to get through!
This could NOT keep going.
Millions of visitors have been to DJ's blog. They have spent enough time here to know the jist of what's going on.
Its out there now. All over the world.
People still comment of his family charade on Korina.
People from all corners of the globe, can tell, DJ's entire family is the scam/sham/clan.

I never expected millions of people to read my blog.
I have stated that previously.
It all came as a giant shock.
To everyone I'm sure.

I am starting to feel better, that the shear volume of people is slowing down.
It was just too huge for one little white guy in Oz.
And I have a life as well to focus on.
The blog takes a lot of time.
And I love it.
But balance is crucial for me now.
Others may not care about me, but I care about me.
And I am happy today.

The important thing readers, is everyone is aware now.
Aware of DJ Montano and the sick infrastructure that has propped him up over the years.
Accessories to his crimes indeed.
Guilt by association for sure.
They know what's going on.
Many more eye's are open to this part of Filipino culture.
In many ways, my work is done.
Except for one thing of course.

My 70,000 dollars.




You see, HIV is not a death sentence anymore.
It used to be a long time ago.
But not anymore.

You have to live with, monitor it and nourish it with special medication.
I feel super positive about my future. Literally.
Even with my HIV.
My heart and soul are still the same.
Its only my crappy immune systems that is lazy.
Lazy, like me, when it comes time to prepare a meal.
I would rather eat an apple and some cheese, then a big meal.
This must change.

Thank you TEAM BRIAN for your love and support.
The messages from all over the world remind me that I have in fact made a difference.
And my detractors will never take that from me.
My readers in New York and Paris, and all over, know why I am doing this.Why I should and will continue with this blog.
Look at the polls on this blog.
Filipinos are very smart.
I admire so many of them.

The blog is no longer just about the money the DJ stole from me.

The blog will expand soon.
It has to.
I can't just bitch about him everyday, can I.
The same people who want me to move on with my life, get upset when I stop dishing my truth.
I can't win.
But I am learning so much about humanity and human nature.
The book will reflect that.

I know that even if people don't visit the blog daily, they still know the blog is there.
In cyberspace.
For eternity.
Or until DJ pays me back.

On this, I have never wavered readers.
And I never will.

Have a blessed Monday readers.
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