15 June 2008

10 Things and a Bit More

1. Kitty Go's new blog is
fantastic. She doesn't write as much as we all want her to, but the lady is a VVB (very busy bee). She has to save the great stuff for her third book, which I hear she has just started writing. Gawd, I just love Kitty. She is a real writer. She knows soooo much about everything in Asia and the rest of the world. She blows my mind. She really is a spectacular lady. The people who hate her, really want to be her. And why wouldn't you want to be Kitty? Please favorite her blog (on my fav list). She's starting out slow and soft, but I'm sure she will get her shit together and polish things up with some pics. But she may never. Who cares? Because with Kitty, its all about the written word. She could carve it in cheese and I would read it. Fuck Kitts, I love you!

2. I was going to do a video blog today peeps. I've been tanning all week and preparing for my close up. hahahaha. Vanity rears its ugly head once again. Its not pretty, because I woke up with a big pimple on my cheek. Grrrrr. So I had to postpone the shoot because this cat don't wear make up! hahahaha.

3. I have reached my goal weight like I knew I would. How you ask? Well, I just forced my self to eat more food. When I weigh 70 kilos, I'm sooo happy. I gained five kilos in six weeks. It's the weight I should be for my height. I have been eating tons of bad food though, hence the pimple on my face. hahahahaha. Junk food like chocolate and chips. Heaps of buttered popcorn and chocolate milk. Bad right? But it worked. I'm nearly plump. NOT!
The diet I was given did not work for me. I have no discipline and I found the food very expensive to buy(how Pinoy am I?) I waste too much food when I shop big. My yaya got fat working for me. We ate ALL our meals together. Me and Rosie. My yaya, my friend.
I just have my fierce appetite back. Now I worry about getting fat.
Hahahahaha. I panic at 72kilos.

4. I am very blessed to have my beautiful friends on Boracay. I received a message today from one particular person. She made me cry because I miss her and my other friends so much. Boracay is like a huge family. You never forget your family. Especially the family that you choose. I've kept my life on Boracay very separate from my blog until this new article which is coming out this week. I cherished my year there and have refused to expose it to the negativity of my detractors. I will always protect the people who impacted on my life in such a positive way. My Boracay family knows me. They know I'm a good boy. A happy boy. A generous boy. You will not survive on Boracay unless the people like you. Its as simple as that. They are the true gatekeepers to the island. And I was loved. And I loved many. And I never lost my key to that gate either. Its still in my pocket. I'm on the permanent guest list for Boracay. No one can take that from me.
I know the people on Boracay. They're wonderful and always there for you if you need them. Unlike Manila, which is, lets face it, a firestorm of jealousy, resentment and hatred among friends. You have the 'haves', 'have mores', and the "I have so much money and shit, you can kiss my fat ass!", (see Tinio) On Boracay, everyone is more balanced and free spirited. Hey Jude! and Juice Bar were my therapy. I will NEVER forget Hey Jude! and Juice Bar. The BEST times of my life.

5. The Makati police still refuses to send us any files that exist regarding my detention and the extortion. The Intercontinental Hotel will provide us with nothing until the police give them permission. We do not understand that. They are hiding the truth. They know I was extorted from. It was the worst night of my life. I was a guest at the hotel. Surly they should furnish me with their records regarding my stay with them. DJ stole my things that night, and I still can't get over that. I'm still in shock that he took my shit. We have written letters to both the Head Office for Intercontinental Hotels, and also to the President herself. Some may laugh at me but DJ laughed too and look what I did with my blog. I am determined to finish the battle. On my terms.
I want and need my 70,000 dollars back.

6. There is a rumor that two members of the GG(?) are coming to Australia to confront me about the blog. I have been told its Marcel and Xeng. I am laughing so hard. Now this I find hilarious. They would show up at my door, I would only have to give them some champagne and a line of coke and they would be my best friends. Mind you, Marcel doesn't do coke. I'd have to blow him. UHG!
The GG has been destroyed.
There is no more GG.
This blog has seen to that.
There never should have been a GG.
And there will never be one again.

WHO would ever want to be in such a fucked up group like that now?

DJ is gone now and who knows when he will pop up again.
He is a criminal and another country can deal with him now.
I am thrilled he has fled the Philippines. The disgraced Montano clan has done enough damage to your poor country.
Prison I hope and pray for him. DJ needs to go to prison.
Celine is gone too now, but that silly mindless useless tit fuck has been gone for years.
Totally off her pugly ugly face. What a wasted life. Just a puff of air. Smoke and mirrors. Your gig is up Fauxpez!
What about Wendy? Yes, Wendy is officially over as well.
GGrrrrrrr. I hate Wendy. She gives all Filipina's a bad name.
HOW is she going to find a man now? I've heard her va jay jay muscles are tight, but she'll have to have more tricks then that up her fake Chanel sleeve.
Tick tock Puyat.

Tiny Toxic Tim? Tim is finished. He will never be the same.
I have so many issues with this guy. I would love to get him alone in a room. For a chat is all. I would love to be alone with him again.
I would rape him with my words. Bend him over and pound some common sense into him. Rubber, no lube.
This blog will be relentless in its pursuit of Tim Yap and his SUPER Drug Den, Club Embassy.
Until he is fired from the STAR, I will never stop revealing who he really is.
What he really is.
Just trash with bad teeth. Trailer park all the way.
He is damaged second hand goods now.
The STAR needs to redeem itself in the eyes of its readership.
Off loading excess weight like Yap always makes for a smoother flight.

7. I am so excited readers, that Expat Travel and Lifestyle Magazine asked me to write a special six page article for this months issue. Now I just want to say first off, that the editor who helped me was wonderful. Thanks Jude. Your a beautiful person and very supportive and caring. I loved writing this piece for Jude and I hope you read it. I'm also writing a great piece for another wonderful Manila Magazine (not Metro Society, but I'm waiting for Raul to ask), but I'm not allowed to say anything yet. Some people (rich and scared people) think I am going to go away eventually. That is not going to happen. My blog is going to help average Filipinos, not hurt them. I love the Philippines and all Filipinos. Even Cycleprank. Hi CP!
But not Beotch, because she is sooo mean to me!!!!!!! Beotch, WHY are you so mean to me? We just need to hug and be friends. She'll be wet now that I've mentioned her. Right Beotch? Squishy wet.

8. My dear readers know that I would NEVER have a ghost writer, as some are trying to suggest. Celine Fauzpez has a ghost writer. DJ had a ghost writer (me once) and many other articles in the STAR are written by the same person. And we all know who that is..... don't we Bea? No one has EVER written a word for me on my blog. I promise you that on Pickles and Lucy's life!
The blog will be having more surprise guest writers though. I'm not afraid to be the worst writer of the bunch. hahahaha. Please. I'm a very humble bloke. If you have a great story or just a written essay, send it to the blog. I want to present other people's writing and ideas. I've had GREAT feed back from the short film on prostitution/education (PLEASE watch TEAM BRIAN). Its brilliant!
But I have two more writing jobs lined up, so someone must think I can write, right? Because they don't change a word when they publish. I feel pretty great about my writing at the moment.
Its just my grammar that needs work. And I AM working on that.
I have asked Maleficent to contribute to the blog. I am waiting for a reply. Stay tuned!
Please Mali?

9. Our carpenter is going to buy my old 89 Range Rover. One thousand dollars. Hahahaha, its old and a lemon now. But he will fix it up and use it as a farm basher. Any extra money now is great. I'm saving every penny for my rainy day. I'm even digging up some plants and selling them. I am doing everything I can to make my life better. I'm so lucky to have a home ready for me in Toronto. The rich may laugh at the small amount of money DJ took, but it was everything I had. I'm not ashamed of having saved 70,000 dollars. I'm proud I had it, and I will save it again. Fuck you Montano!
I leave the farm on July 1st. I still can't believe it. Thanks DJ. You will always rot in hell for taking my money. And you know it you devious little prick!

10. Starting this week, the blog will start featuring wonderful people from the Philippines, as well as businesses and business owners who contribute and make a difference. I have started interviewing people already, and its just fucking BRILLIANT. This blog is fabulous, regardless of what the dark side says. The blog has hundreds of thousands of readers. I have readers from Chile for goodness sakes. Many many readers in New York and Los Angeles. I love both places and have amazing memories from my time being in both New York and LA. This particular cat has been around.

And finally, I want to say thank you.
Thank you to the beautiful people who have hit my paypal button to contribute to my well being and to my move abroad to start my new life. I may not have my savings anymore, but I have many many new friends. And friends are worth more then millions. At least now, I can relax a bit and not panic so much. I received a donation today for one dollar. Its just so sweet that someone would take the time. I wrote her to thank her. I have all the Paypal e mail addresses on file. I am slowly getting through them to say thank you to each person. As there were many one dollar donations, so its taking some time. Hahahahah
And if any of my donars see DJ, go up and ask him for your donation back., hahahahahaha.
How great would that be. Uhm, DJ mate, you owe me a dollar!

PAY UP Montano!

Love it!


Keeping it real,


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