15 June 2008

Guest Writer

Alexander the Great

This is the third installment of ten.

Gorrell's Daimon

By Amiel Aguilar Cabanlig (YEHEY contributor)

Hedonism is one thing, but debauchery to the extent of abusing one’s intrinsic human rights is where the lines should be drawn.

With the help of friend, lawyer Argee Guevarra, I was able to secure an appointment with Makati’s Chief of Police. Escorted by an AFP Intelligence Officer provided to me by the office of a Senator, I was hoping that my query would be expedited to get a clear picture of the events that transpired as Gorrell had narrated in his blog. (You’ll have to refer to Gorrell’s blog for the full story)

When I arrived at the Makati Police Station, there were no officers willing to talk to us except for a desk sergeant (a field agent) who, to our surprise, cleverly gave us the go-around for almost an hour. Though I could smell a dead rat in every corner of our inquiry, the results were rather worthwhile. However, in spite of these difficulties, I will give all the facts found their own SPACE at the right time and in the right forum. And I assure all of you, heads will spin!

Gorrell’s 8 hour ordeal at the Makati Police Station, the corruption, the treachery, the power play, and the complete lack of scruples are devices that would make anyone’s sensibilities go awry. This man, Gorrell, didn’t have an iota of a chance against these “social ruffians”.

Have you ever seen a trapped animal fight back for its life with ferocity? What more so a man with a cause?! What pushes a man to retaliate with such zeal? You might say desperation, wrath, frustration, envy and probably basic survival instinct. Steven Pressfield, award winning author of “The Gates of Fire”, spelled out this very human phenomenon as the DAIMON.

When shoved to the wall, Alexander the Great, found his Daimon; “He is not me but a creature to whom I am bound. This “Alexander” is greater than I. Crueler than I. He knows rages I cannot fathom and dreams beyond what my heart can compass. He is cold and canny, brilliant and ruthless and without fear. He is I, more than myself, and I am indivisible from him. I fear I must become him, or be consumed by him.”

Each and all possess their own daimons and they can manifest in a sundry of ways. While I believe in the adage “the pen is mightier than the sword,” I’m sure many of us might gain more satisfaction swinging a double-edged sword at our detractors than engaging in a protracted word war in the realms of cyberspace. But then again, that’s just me!

In the end, all we can hope for is justice to be found - and that the scales of balance will, by one means, be tipped in favor of the underdog who scraps tooth and nail for the righteous cause.

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