16 June 2008

TTT an Ambassador?

Tim Yap with new GG Jr pledges (class of 2011)

TTT (Tiny Toxic Timmy) is up to her old tricks again.
She's attempting to 're brand' herself as the 'Ambassador of Fun', (see chikatime.com).
Don't you mean
Ambassador of Cocaine Tim?
Tim Yap has shed her VERY EMBARRASSING 'eventologist' moniker.


I feel sick whenever I say the word, as do many others.
Tim should start paying her bills on time (or in some cases, just pay them period).
She needs to wake up and realize that her new moniker is as humiliating as her last one.

In Manila, we all know that cocaine is the real Ambassador of Fun, not you Tiny.

With Tim Yaps new 'cafeteria' and restaurant opening soon, imagine all the new toilets, his crew will get to spend their evenings in.

Snort snort snorting their troubles away.

Keeping it real!

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