17 June 2008

7 Daze of Magesty

Dear Readers and TEAM BRIAN,

Even though I have to leave the farm in two weeks, I'm still working on it, like its mine.
I don't care though because its all about the land. Working on
Bethel Park makes me feel powerful, like I am contributing to Gods bigger picture. Adding my simple threads to the almighty tapestry that He has already created for us all.

My chain saw is wicked and very dangerous.
It calls out to me and the trees scream out for mercy.
But it must be done.
We were ordered to remove them last year, and the council is on our asses.
These are pest trees which seed. Rubbish trees.
Not at all native to this region.
Most people would just kick back and relax in my situation.
Hang by the pool, drinking beers.
But I plan on working up to the very last minute.
I want to look back on this wonderful time and remember that I stayed true to my farm.
Until it was time to go.

I also enjoyed working on the Range Rover with my great mate Dave (my builder). I want my poor old truck in good nick when I hand her over next week. I take great and deep pride in everything that I do. My reputation is everything to me here. I've led an honest life that I'm very proud of. I have never felt so good about my life as I do today.
Tomorrow might be a different story, but I am still focused on today!

70,000 dollars or not.
I'm on top of my world.
And I'm deeply in love.
I am indeed picking up the pieces.
And my readers, supporters, contributors, allies and my enemies have all helped me reach this glorious destination where I find myself today.

We all make mistakes readers, and we all lose things dear to us.
Sometimes, VERY dear.
I have no more tears left.
Only love and laughter now.
The blog will never close readers.
Fret not.
I am my blog.

I'm no different then most.
Narcissist. Maybe. Maybe not.
Its up to the individual to decide.
I'm open to all criticism.
I accept that its a part of my journey and that of the blog.

But I feel the heartbeats of thousands, their compassion, understanding and commitment vibrates around my center.
Normal people like me. Their own stories and experiences have touched me so very deeply. I feel so in touch with the Filipino lexicon, like I thought I never would be. Linked with me forever. I bet you I know more now then many Filipinos about Filipinos. I'm so proud to have the Filipino blood deep in my heart.
I am linked to the Philippines forever now. My Filipino friends are very proud of me, which means absolutely everything to me. My mother is very proud as well.
They know how much I love the Philippines and all the most gracious Filipino people.
I am so proud of that, regardless of how it came to be.

The message. My joy
The plight. My sadness.
The story. My truth.
The blog. My connection.

Our blog.

Keeping it real.


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