08 June 2008

BOYCOTT Cafe Havana


I was distressed by this e mail I received this morning.
Distressed because this is the THIRD letter I have received about Cafe Havana.
Now I liked the cafe when I was in Manila. I very much enjoyed the cocktails there.
I would often meet my friends there. Then we would go to Peoples Palace for dinner.

I highly recommend Peoples Palace. Its by far, my favorite place to dine is Manila.
I always get tipsy there for some reason.
And yes.... the boys are gorgeous and SUPER friendly.
Unlike the miserable people who work at Cafe Havana.
I would NEVER get a smile from them. None of us would.
And yes, I often felt a bit slighted by the attitude of the staff.
Very unhappy and miserable, they were.
And the uniforms are just degrading and humiliating.

I suggest that every person who is about to open a restaurant, to visit Peoples Palace to see how a restaurant should be run.
And the flower arrangements in this restaurant are to die for.
Cheers to the great designer who tends to them.
I would ALWAYS compliment the owner on his very fine establishment.
Perfect rice, every single time.
The restaurant that Dj and I were supposed to open was very much modeled on the PP formula.
But we all know what happened to THAT restaurant.
A sucker is born every minute.

I ask that all my readers BOYCOTT Cafe Havana.
This is a hateful and homophobic establishment.
PLEASE do not give them any of your money.

Support gays and lesbian and transgendered people.
Choose establishments that are wonderfully free, tolerant and accepting of EVERY person who may enter through their doors for food and drink! LIKE PEOPLE PALACE!
You are defiantly on my shit list now!
And you do NOT want to be on my shit list.

Homophobics go to hell, not heaven.
We will be in heaven, and the haters go straight to hell.


Dear Brian,

My name is Jean, a transsexual from the Philippines. It just saddens me that there are still people and establishments here in the Philippines who are narrow-minded. I have heard of some establishments discriminating transsexuals but I didn't know that I would experience it first hand.

My friends (combination of gays and
transgenders) and I went out last night to watch Sex and the City at the Greenbelt Mall in Makati City. After the movie, we decided to get a drink. We went to Cafe HAVANA which is just downstairs below the cinema because it seems like a cozy place. I was browsing through the menu when the waiter approached and mumbled something. I told him I haven't decided yet on what to order. He moved his face closer and said something. I froze. He said, "Ma'am, you're not allowed here." My friends and I asked why, and the reason is because we are transgenders. We were shocked. He told us that the manager insisted we leave the restaurant because the management doesn't allow transgenders in their restaurants. Would you believe that???

We all have the money to pay for what we order and yet they discriminated us because of our sexuality. That is just sad. I have never heard of a policy like that. We deserve to be treated equally because we are still people. I am just upset with that and I was traumatized that I don't wanna go back to
Makati City anymore.




Please send me your stories.

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