09 June 2008

Celine Scratches Her Itch!

**** Caution Readers****

There is some vulgar (hehe) talk of small cocks in this post. Now for fear of upsetting anyone else, (except the people mentioned and their small cocks), I want everyone to know, that I love all cock.
I don't care if its small or big. They are all fabulous and special in their own way. I know there are millions and millions of cocks in the world. A cock would have to pretty tiny and ugly for me not to find something redeemable about it. Please do not be offended when I use the term small cock. It means MUCH more then just having a small cock.
But the bottom line readers, is cock is good.
God bless cock!
Even the tiny ones!

Man, I can't believe how many people hate Celine Lopez and Tim Yap.
I'm sure glad I'm not those bitches.
Tim has really taking a beating lately.
Not only on my blog. Many others too!
I may have started this, but others are now brave enough to print the real shit.
They are hiding behind secret URL's.
I am exposed. Brave.

Tim Yap's charity work has been reported as a big scam on other blogs.
But I was the first to declare his charity work, too little too late!
Embarrassing pictures of him are also on another site.
Go to chikatime.com for more picture's of Tiny Tim.
Poor Tiny.
Tiny is nothing but smoke and mirrors.
With really bad teeth.
And of course, we all know, a very teeny weenie pee pee doodle.
Like the pinky finger,
of a premature baby.



I'll never understand, with all the money DJ has stolen over the years, you would think he would have had his teeth done. But both DJ and Tim haven't had their teeth done....yet!
And they should. Because both of their smiles are truly horrible.
DJ has a clever way of hiding his teeth from you.
People think its cute when he does it. They think he's meek, shy and coy.
He's just helping to shield your iris's from the reality of his jagged jabber jaw.
Aurora dear (you old slag), you should be ashamed for not fixing Delfin's teeth earlier.
Have you EVER had money bitch?
You are POOR!!!!!!!

Where is the court case you slag?

Tim looks like a dirty old man with a lolli in his pocket.

Since I announced 'Halibreath's' relationship with De Beer's Francois DeDick last week, my inbox has been going crazy. NOT that in box pervs! My box is completely alone and desperate.
It seems that ' man whore' Delage has quite a reputation with the ladies.
And perhaps a few good men as well?
And I've also been told that he has a very small banger and mash too!
Uncut us well.
I will NOT explain my fascination with circumcision on this blog.
Not yet.
I will savour that particular post!
Like a fine old soft cheese.
I'm in a very good mood today readers.
I'm in love too!

WHAT is it with these powerful guys in Manila and small cocks?
Tiny Tim has a small cock.
DJ Montano has a small cock.
Celine Lopez has a small cock.
Ricky D has a small cock too.
Itsy bitsy in fact.
I know because I've seen it!
Uhg, will it ever stop?
Gays everywhere!

I'd rather be broke with a monster cock then rich with an earth worm!
Now I'm not saying a guy can't be effective with a small cock.
But these guys HAVE to be EXCELLENT in every other category in order to compensate.
Unless your girl is a money grubby whore (see Wendy Puyat), then she won't care if your packing a tooth pick.
Just keep buying her things, and she'll be happy.
I mean big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ items of course.
Bags and shoes.
Dresses and trinkets.
DIAMONDS...... Marcel!

It would be very easy for someone like Francois to snag some crotch.

Francois Delage- "Hi I'm Francois, and I'm in the diamond trade",
Any number of 'HIGH society' woman- "Hi , I'm a money loving whore, you wanna fuck?"

Francois only has to mention the word diamond, and he has a set of lips wrapped around his mushroom cap in like 1.3 seconds.
Lucky bastard.
Except for the small dick part.
I would die!

And my 'creamy crumpet' British spy says Celine Lopez has a nasty case of Va Jay Jay itching.
So many people have written to the blog telling me that Celine has a STD.
It could explain her toxic breath.
And the funny way she dances.
And her maddening and worsening twitch.
I call it the bitch twitch! Ever notice it?

I'm so sure, that poor Celine was dropped by her much abused yaya as an infant, whenever Emily's R's screeching voice would scare the shit out of her.
Emily R abuses her staff. She is a tyrant who tortures her maids.
And to think, this old whore wants to go to Rome.
Fuck you Emily, you old tart.
You deserve nothing!
Emily, your not even a fucking Lopez you dumb old scab.
Your daughter is a bastard-ess!
And so is Tito jr.
Another tiny penis.

Rumor has it that Emily would force her maids to re-use there sanitary pads to save money on the domestic bottom line.
Is this true Emily?
DJ told me once that he had his ass wiped by his yaya until he was twelve.
Is this true DJ?
Because that is truly fucked up man.
Your all fucked up majorly!

I told Celine to chew on Lavender flowers once for her halitosis.
Did she listen?
So, I don't really care if Celine's stinky snatch itches.
Her weekly manicure should take care of that.
Her tips are very pointed.
This is one bitch who very much deserves to itch.

Celine was recently spotted with Francois Delage.
Could a reconciliation be on the cards?
I smell a movie poster in our future......

Dear John...... are you out there?

Call me Celine.
We need to chat!


C.L.'s 'special' vaginal cream
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