09 June 2008

Jennifer Hudson or Jennifer Holiday?

As you know I am a massive theater queen/buff.
I grew up listening to Jennifer Holidays version if this remarkable song.
I've carried this soundtrack throughout my life.
Tracy Chapman's Fast Cars and the soundtrack to Out of Africa, are my two favorite sources for deep inspiration. I have stories behind both of these marvellous records.

Which one do you prefer? Jennifer Hudson or Jennifer Holiday
I am a Dreamgirls fanatic. Way before the movie ever came out.
When I was fourteen, I was already a crazed Dreamgirls/Broadway convert.
Even though I had no idea about what Broadway actually was.
My family had no money for these pipe dreams.
Broadway was another planet away.
My mother and I watched the Tony's in 1982. I was twelve.
I have watched it every year of my life since.
I never miss the Tony Awards.
I know every single word of every single song from this show.
I LOVE and worship Broadway.
And I worship Jennifer Holiday.
The first and ultimate true Broadway DIVA!
Some shows would be paused for 2-3 minutes to allow people the proper amount of time to recover from her explosive numbers.
She still freaks people out with her talent.
The Tony Awards are next Monday. FYI.
Like anyone cares!

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