10 June 2008


ABS-CBN broadcaster CES DRILLON was kidnapped by the Abu SAYAF in Mindanao and they are asking 20 million pesos for her life!
Two cameramen were also snatched. The three kidnapped include
Ces Drillon, Jimmy Encarnacion and Angelo Valderama. They are all missing in Sulu.

We should all pray for their safe and speedy return to their loved ones.
Bless the three of them.
So many journalists have been kidnapped and murdered in the Philippines.
For such a measly amount of money.
Human life is so expendable when it comes to journalist's in the Philippines.
There is proof of this everywhere.
They are targets, because they are marginalized by most in power, and the concept trickles down to the kidnappers. No respect for the truth tellers. The investigators.
The moral high ground which is sorely missing in the Philippines Political Lexicon.
Any morality is squashed. Purchased. Traded. Stolen. Murdered.

Google it peeps!
What a bloody mess, the Philippines finds itself in at the moment.
People really try to love the county, but it is very hard.
It really wears you down after a while.
Such huge problems.
And I really care about my Filipino mates and friends.
They have to remain there in such a fucking mess.
The eventual 'total' demise of a country starts when the media is tampered with, just like the brakes on a car. The country like the car, eventually comes to a screeching halt, usually due to a big old tree.
And this is the Philippines way.
Tamper, tamper, tamper.
Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.
Murder, murder, murder.
These kidnappers will never stop.
Just like the bank robbers.
Eventually someone dies. Many people die.

I just hope and pray that Ces Drillon is recovered safe and well.
All three of them do not deserve this garbage.
They were doing their jobs. Working.
They were all attempting to report things, trying to make the Philippines a better safer country for those who choose journalism as a profession.
For all Filipinos and for tourists who travel to the Philippines

And it is VERY sad to think Ces is somewhere afraid for her life.
Probably surrounded by knuckle draggers.
People not fully evolved in the ways of humanity and the natural path.
Their families are all suffering.

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