18 June 2008

Crocs - For or Against?

My eye's glaze over when I look at this picture.

The best apart about writing this blog, is the readers. No question. I love them.
You guys really make me feel so absolutely brilliant in the morning when I read your e mails.
Some of them are so personnel and beautiful.
I received 16 e mails over night from people who love Crocs.
And six from people who hate them.
You know the Crocs with the holes.....I HATE THEM.
I get a rash if I am even near them. Hahahahaha

But these Crocs at the very bottom, I would (could) wear, with jeans and a white t shirt.
You see, even though I truly HATE the traditional Crocs, (and there are millions of people just like me), there is still a pair that I like. Not that I'm about to run out and purchase them.

a pair of homosexual crocs

Thank you readers for writing to me to defend your decision to wear Crocs.
You will NEVER change my mind about them though.

the only crocs I would wear

Have a beautiful day readers, Crocs on your feet or no Crocs on your feet.
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