01 June 2008

Dr. Wilmar Lucero II

Dear Readers,

As you already know, I'm most passionate about JUSTICE. 
Especially justice for children and the most venerable in society. 
I don't care about high society
The rich in Manila obviously have money. They have to cope with the shit I throw at them. What they can't seem to cope with, is the shit is the truth. They need to have a good hard look at what they contribute to their third world country. How much do they actually do to make things better for the less fortunate? Most just shrug their shoulders, and put it in the 'too hard' basket. Then they snort some coke. And buy a dress. Or a new car. A new friend.

I like justice. Not only the justice you may or may not get in a court. I believe in alternative forms of justice as well. Like this blog. But zero violence. I abhor violence.

Manila's 'High' society should be more careful in the future. Certain people who walk among them, may very well lead to their ultimate downfall. DJ caused so much damage. His network fed him for years. A cat among the canaries.
High society in the Philippines needs to sit up and pay attention.
Because more blogs are starting up.
And they will be better then mine, no doubt.

If I am to believe certain people, my blog sucks.

Although I don't want to discuss my sexual abuse as a child anymore on the blog, sometimes its necessary in order to bridge parallels between my entries and the subject.

Please read the Business Mirror article, where I've talked about my childhood.
I've laid bare enough of my soul on that very painful chapter of my life.

I'd like to however, bring the toxic issue of child molestation and abuse to the attention of every single person who reads this blog. I am prepared to help anyone who needs to write me about this subject. I've been following this story for some time.
Please keep your comments constructive.
And polite.

I was raped as a child and forced to have sex, and as a result, my life was devastated for many years. 
I was abused repeatedly over a ten year period, by several people. Many children are abused.
I just happen to be one of them.
As a child, I was molested by a very sinister Priest, Father Gurka. 

He preyed on me, not prayed for me.
He molested many kids from St Peters Catholic School in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

I was also sexually molested by my teacher, Mr. David Kent.
By a neighbour, Ron Morris.
A family friend who is dead now. 
And a police man, Constable Ronald Blake.
So I have a certain amount of knowledge on this subject.
Some laugh at me for having quit school at fourteen.
But you would've quit too, after having that many hands down your pants at that tender young age.
Child abuse is the devils work. Plain and simple.

Any human being who tampers with a child needs to be put in prison for the rest of their lives.
Stealing the innocence away from a child is equivalent of killing their spirit. 
My own spirit took many years to be revived.
I still have shocking self esteem issues.
I was very lucky in a way, because I ended up being gay. I have always assumed it would be much harder for a straight kid to get over this sort of thing. I could be wrong, but I've always been grateful that I was gay. It's helped me deal so much better with life. Gay people don't usually seek revenge on their molesters. But straight ones often do.
Because I eventually liked men anyways, the rape and memories of abuse went away for a long while, until I became an adult. Thats when the real repair began in earnest. And by this time, my emotional center was so 'whacked out' from suppressing the bad memories for so long, that it had manifested into other types of unfortunate behaviour. Children who are tampered with never truly heal fully. But gay kids, I've always believed, possess a greater advantage over others.
I've done my absolute best to deal, and feel that I've recovered pretty well from the abuse.
I still have bad thoughts about my experiences from time to time and the men who assaulted me as a child. You just deal with them as they come.
So you see, its all linked.
What you don't deal with and process as a child (which is a lot), comes back for resolution later on. When you have no other choice but to deal with it, because it stops you from truly moving on and ahead.
If anyone else has a story about child molestation that they would like to share and have highlighted, please e mail me the information.
The only person who should have shame is the perpetrator. Not the victim.


From: Juan Vasques
Subject: hi Brian... please help me get justice ... we need media for this.. thanks
To: gorrellbrian@yahoo.com.au
Received: Sunday, 1 June, 2008, 8:53 PM
2/F Paragon Tower Hotel
531 A. Flores St.
Ermita, Manila
Tel. # +632 5263809
 Fax # +632 5263816
Attention:  Dr. Enrico de Guzman
Dear Sirs:
We are the cadets and seafarers who have been the victims
of sexual abuse and extortion of your “Doctor” Wilmar
Lucero, II.  Because of the possible repercussions of our
complaint against him, we request anonymity and hope for
your understanding on this aspect.
Unauthorized practice as doctor.  After realizing that
we all share the same horrible experience of molestation by
your Mr. Lucero, we wondered how a professional with a
medical license could be so grossly immoral in the
performance of his duties.  After a verification of his
license with the Professional Regulatory Commission or PRC,
we were shocked to discover that Mr. Lucero DOES NOT have a
license to practice medicine and is therefore, NOT A

2. Sexual Abuse and Molestation.  Your Mr. Lucero is a
homosexual with some deviant sexual preferences.  While we know
that it's not your business to pry into your employees
private lives, the involvement of your clinic’s patients,
such as we, makes it a serious matter for you to act
upon.  Mr. Lucero conducts a great number of physical
examinations daily, in connection with his work.  All of
us have experienced inappropriate touching and fondling of
private body parts during the exams.  Thereafter, Mr.
Lucero usually sends us text messages using the contact
information we provide to your clinic, to invite us  to
meet him at his apartment in Pasay.  In the apartment,
while we are alone, he tells us to lie down and rest while
he fondles our sexual organs and initiates fellatio. 
While some of us resisted his sexual advances, we felt that
our resistance to his immoral acts may have a real impact on
our physical examination records.  As overseas
workers, our lives depend on our working documents, which
are in your laboratory’s hands.  What is clear is that
were it not for his position in your clinic, such
deplorable acts would not have occurred.

3. Sale of Supplements at Exorbitant Prices. Your Mr.
Lucero also forces us to buy so-called health supplements
in exchange for his signature on our medical records at
relatively higher prices than current market rates.  As an
example, what we would normally buy at Php7 per capsule is
being “sold” to us at Php35 a piece by Mr. Lucero. 
All these transactions are made after the physical
examination, making us feel that we have no choice but to
pay for those supplements.  Some of us who have not
purchased supplements from him were made to pay large
amounts of money reaching thousands of pesos per patient,
just to get a clean bill of health from him. 
 In view of the foregoing, we request that your good office
conduct an investigation on the immoral and inappropriate
acts of Mr. Lucero, and impose strict penalties for
unethical practices, NO LESS than TERMINATION from
employment.  In the meantime, even assuming that your
office should refuse to act on this complaint, we are
sending copies of this same letter to the following:
 Norwegian Maritime Directorate
 Norwegian Foreign Service Status; and
 Professional Regulatory Commission
At present, we are also talking to producers of
investigative television programs such as Imbestigador of
GMA, XXX of ABS CBN and to journalist, Ramon Tulfo of the
Philippine Daily Inquirer.  
Your swift action on this matter is highly
recommended in order for you to protect and preserve the
integrity and professional standing of your good clinic.

Cc:  Former Cong. Wilmar Lucero
       Samar, Leyte
r> Norwegian Maritime Directorate
       Norwegian Foreign Service Status
       Professional Regulatory Commission
       Mr. Ramon Tulfo, Phil.
 Daily Inquirer

Dr. Wilmar Lucero II has just taken an indefinite leave of absence. Although, he no longer has direct access to people in private, he still has connections.
He continues to sell these supplements to the seafarers at these hugely increased prices. This must be investigated. Many people have come forward against this 'fake' doctor. He must be fully examined and any credentials that he continues to hold with the Maritime Medical and Laboratory Clinic, must be suspended until these issues have been fully dealt with.
I want the Maritime Clinic to issue a formal statement that Dr. Wilmar Lucero II is no longer affiliated with them, so many innocent victims can stop being forced to buy his drugs.
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