02 June 2008

The Bitch is BACK!

Some people in Manila are really pissed off with me.
I can't imagine why, and I couldn't care less.
The dark side is turning blue and green with revenge and rage.
However, the dark side has well and truly been dealt with now. Or have they?
They are still licking their many wounds, from 'the great' ones wicked lashes.
No one messes with Maleficent.
My greatest defender.
I've missed you dear sweet Maleficent!
I hope your enjoying your new friends.
Come back soon!
I know you will.

Shittycrank and his posse of shit-sacks are all ashamed and embarrassed because the truth is out there now, for all to see.
The great Maleficent cleaned many clocks with nothing less then brilliance.
I felt defended.
I felt protected on my blog.
I felt understood.

The dark side despises any outsider who dares to speak out, or speak at all for that matter.
They hate me. Even though they know deep down, that I have every right to fight for my justice and for my future. They would do the same. But none of them have lost this much money, because they probably never had that much money to lose.
Disdain for me drives them down their dead end road. They are truth haters.

I'm a very PROUD gay guy! Not at all ashamed of who I am!
People write comments, making fun of my lack of education.
I was honest with my readers about ending my education early.
I had no choice.
It is what it is.
Ridiculing someone for their lack of formal education, may have a stinging effect in the Philippines, where it is used as a weapon to elevate ones self in society. But in Australia and all around the world for that matter, ones life journey will unfold, with or without a University degree. Respect should be given to a human being, regardless of their academic achievements or lack thereof. Millions of people in the Philippines don't have the option to study a degree. The dark side is really making fun of them as well. The dark side has no nationalistic angle. They are ashamed to be Filipinos.
My educated Filipino friends are very proud, as they should be.
Many of them have learned against all the odds, which inspires me to perhaps go back to University one day as a mature student and take some formal study. Who knows. I'm still young. I'm inspired to learn more because I do feel insecure at times. I'm under utilizing my brain. And I know it.
The seventy thousand dollars would have helped me though.
I have to work, work, work now.
Study later maybe.

My uneducated Filipino friends are much smarter then many of my Western friends.
This is true, because poverty is a degree in itself.
And my well educated Western friends are no where near as smart as my yaya.
Thats true too. My yaya is VERY smart!
She LOVES my pigeon english. She understands it.
Many people enjoy the way I write.
From my heart.
From my gut.

The many people who take shelter behind their degree, and ridicule others who may not have had the same advantages as them, have wasted their education. I am much more intelligent then they are. My degree is from the University of Life. Theirs is from a bubble gum machine. Knowledge wasted on mushy minds.
They have learned nothing. Wasted opportunities.
I'm PROUD to be me. I relate to the majority of Filipinos, not the minority.
I know what its like to grow up in a struggling family.
It'll take more then a few nasty remarks about my textured, tortured youth to rattle my cage.
I smell some jealousy.
And it reeks to high heaven!

The dark side's assaults on this blogs comment section is very well planned and executed. I can tell. And it's not very clever. They try everything to get on the blog. Its like a sport for these blog terrorists.
But I always win in the end.
Because I'm smarter then they are. Stronger then most.
And I'm free.
They curse me for being white. Sorry, but there is nothing I can do about my skin color.
Who gives a shit if I'm white? I am no different then my Filipino family. Talk about racism. This is reverse racism! And I am sick to death of it. You want to talk about racism? I feel so much racism against me. I'm happy I'm fully evolved human being and a rational person, because I can recognize what real racism is. Unlike many of my detractors.

I can only tan so much peeps, you know? But it eventually fades, and yes, I'm back to boring old white again. Uhg!
But there have been times readers on Boracay, when I was the darkest out of my large group of mates. VERY tanned. Darker then a Filipino!
If I was Filipino, I would be treated much differently.
But I'm white. UHG!

And don't worry dear readers, because the dark side will always remain in this prison called their lives.
Can you imagine how much time they spend trying to tear me down?
What a colossal waste of time for the enemies of my blog. Perhaps they should get the real jobs?

At least my blog has solid underpinnings.
Some great new media is about to come out, which I am thrilled about.

The blog has branched out.
I will be reaching 300 blog posts soon, which will be a milestone readers.
And they tell me to get a job!
I've worked since I was eight years old.
I mowed lawns in the summer months and shoveled driveways during winter.
My first real job was at McDonald's.
I was fourteen years old.
I've always supported myself.
My mother prepared me for life in a very short period of time.
I'm not afraid of struggle.
We all struggle from time to time. Right?
This blog has received millions of visitors, and continues to receive hundreds of thousands.
Thank you TEAM BRIAN for tolerating the dark side for as long as you have.
Please don't forget, that without them, its just a pro Brian blog.
And that's boring.

I'm fighting for justice. And my mother stands beside me.
As do many others. Bless you all, and thank you.
My mother doesn't understand all of the ins and outs of the blog, but she gets the basics. She does not read the comments anymore though. She tried a couple of times, but couldn't continue. I told her I am fine with them. But really I'm not. Its a killer going through them sometimes.
Don't worry mummy.

DJ stole my money and some people want me to fight, fight, fight in a Manila court.
I didn't need a court when I sent my savings to DJ.
Where is the fairness in this?
There is none.

These is no justice for me, unless I come back to fight in The Philippines.
And that will never happen I'm afraid.
And DJ knew all along that he would get away with this.

The dark side should understand that they are simply useless puffs of air.
And I am a very happy, grounded, much loved, supported and free spirited person.
And when I move on from this, the dark side members will still be the same sad, sorry excuse for a human beings.

My enemies are taking their anger out on others too.
Attacking a cherished reader who has donated 100% of the profits from the TEAM BRIAN t -shirts to charity. They are attacking people who do good things. Mimicking others who are actually doing good work in the Philippines.

Thank you dear beautiful Sue. Thank you for creating, selling and delivering the great t- shirts.
I was very proud to donate the money with you. You are a true giver Sue.
Please never mind what the dark side says. They are just envious of your good solid heart. The money will help others. Remember that dear.
For these people who exist without a heart, you should admire Sue, not abuse her.
She believes in this blog.
She raised money for charity. We did it together.
Thank you Sue.

Now that the dark side has been uncovered as hired 'hit squad' frauds, I feel better.
Payed employees. Payed to stream nothing but lies and make belief.
Tragic figures, they all cut.
All five of them!
Three of them are the same person and there is one who just argues and agrees with himself, for hours, in order to make it look like others give a shit about the garbage in their conscience. I'm sure CC is fiddling with his pecker the entire time.
I'm learning so much about psychotic behaviour from the dark side.
Oh SNAP dark side!
I want to know who is paying these chatter box monkeys to create such fables about me and other people who support me.

I don't read the hate anymore. The comments are enough for me.
Its all the same. Just lies. No substance.
My eyes would glaze over with disbelief.
I feel so sorry for them.
A very special blog fan thinks they're all in the same insane asylum, sharing the same 'bolted down' computer, in a nice white padded room, taking turns, being observed the entire time.
Hahahahaha. I love it.
Many readers are also disgusted with the comments being left.
What do I do? I have to let some through or I am accused of only letting positive stuff through.
I try to balance the comments.
I'm begging the blogs visitors who are fighting, to stop please.
Some comments start out great, then they fall apart with little mini battles.
My readers are embarrassed about the dark side.
But some supporters need to reel it in as well.
And both sides have to be reasonable.
I'm sad that two sides have developed.
But this is just a sport to many haters with no lives.
I understand why my supporters can't figure out, why the dark side would bother defending the indefensible. We all think they should use their time and energy for good. Write to DJ Montano. Start asking him questions. Start asking him to prove what he did with my 70,000 dollars..... AMERICAN!
..........I didn't think so.
Birds of a feather, flock together.
They are what they protect and love.
GG wannabees.
And perhaps one actual GG member, who wants me dead!
Stay tuned!

The dark side just makes it all up.
Its shows what they truly are.
Afraid. Terrified. Scared of their own shadows.
They are afraid of looking too closely at my pain.
The real truth behind the creation of this blog.
They refuse to aknowledge why I started the blog.
What drove me to the edge.
I'm so proud of the blogs grass roots. And they will never have that.
They have no truth or real information about me.
They wish they new something about me. They want to be me!
They have hard- ons for me. Stroking them as they type.
I think they secretly LOVE me readers.
Why else would they spend so much time focusing on me?
DJ, is that you dear?
The dark side is all make belief.
Just a bunch of jealous posers who are afraid of exposing who they really are.

They are simple, gutless, knuckle- draggers in hiding.
Hiding behind a blog. Under their log.
At least I am open to criticism. Exposed.
This blog is very balanced.
People love it when I write my stories, until I write about someone they know.
Then they go all crazy on my ass.
Hiding behind their love of all things GG and $$$$$$$$$$.
They are GG wannabees.
Some people I know have behaved appallingly.
They're scared to death of being exposed for what they truly are on this blog, so they try to kiss my ass. They send me e mails promising dirt on others, just to keep their own dirty laundry out of societies consciousness.
I have emails from Tim Yaps inner sanctum.
I have them from Tina's too.
And Celine. Well, people are far too willing to tear that bitch down.
People hate Celine for what she is, not who she is.
Jealousy can't explain away everything, regardless of what Celine and the GG may believe. EVERYONE was jealous of DJ, according to him. EVERYONE.

None of the GG have true friends. I wonder how many calls DJ gets on his cell?
Some people's secrets in Manila are being sold cheap, like dried fish strips at the market, by their 'friends'.
The top tier slugs, sucking the last precious nectar drops, out of Manila's already lifeless 'high society' blooms. A bunch of turncoats.
They're all running away from DJ's crimes now, with break neck speed.
Hurricane Brian.
The perfect storm.

Its natural for one to defend themselves.
I'm waiting for others to step up and do the same.
Defend themselves. Explain away their behaviour.
Their blatant disregard for what is good and decent.
I'm waiting for Celine to do an interview on television.
But she can't, because she will be asked about her cocaine addiction.
So there are no takers in the GG universe.
Funny that.
The rich and powerful are starting to learn, there's is a price to pay for their blatant disregard for the same laws and rules that are enforced on those who have no power or money.
The poor really run the Philippines. Not the rich.
The Philippines should be all about the poor.
The super wealthy need to fix things.
The power companies are a huge fucking joke.
Filipinos are ripped off by the power companies.
Everyone knows it.

And one day, the poor in the Philippines will rise up again and demand equality and fairness.
The very two things that are sorely missing in the rich mans world.

Some people are trying to stop my radio gig with Magic 89.9.
Its so frustrating.

First Aurora Montano went ballistic on Magic (see above), then Tiny Tim and the Big Mac clan shit their pants.
Aurora, Tim and his kind are embarrassing the Philippines, by attempting to make quiet, the media that they don't like. They threaten and intimidate Magic 89.9.



Already, Kitty GO's blog is already breaking gossip. I've been wanting to know who Celine's new boyfriend is for a long while now. She's been spotted with this much older man many times. Now we all know that Celine Lopez loves diamonds. After all, she flat out refuses to give Marcel back that famous engagement ring.
Now its understood that she's dating a big wig in the diamond industry!
DJ told me once it was important for him to have a white boyfriend. It was a status thing for him.
I guess Celine's given up on the Philippines, because she is leaving it for good soon.
Check out Kitty's blog for her cryptic take on it.

I love Kitty's writing.
Kitty is not using me, as some are suggesting. She has supported me from day 1.
For goodness sakes, we've done joint media together.
We have almost four months of history already.
We are very different of course.
But she does not judge my methods. She is a modern lady is a very uncivilized world.
I will always help promote any project that Kitty may have.
Or any other person for that matter who is in my inner sanctum of support.
Its what great friends do for each other.
I am honored that Kitty wrote an entry for my blog.
I KNOW her blog is going to be great.
It will evolve like mine has.
She will change her boring template soon, I'm sure.
I adore you Kitty and I will read your blog everyday!
I encourage everyone else to favorite Kitty GOs blog.
My many overseas readers will LOVE her brilliance and wit.
She runs circles around me in many ways.
I am proud of her and the many stands that she takes.
She is VERY well connected. She knows everyone in Manila!
She knows so many very important people around the world.
And she gets the best information.
Her sources are impecable.
So first come to my blog for the blood and guts,
and then you can go there for the more sophisticated approach on pretty much the same topics.
She knows so much shit, she needs to write a third book!
A book that many many people are looking forward to.
Including this huge fan.

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