02 June 2008

Loving this!

Its all happening in Hollywood.
California has gone all gayzee (you know, like crazy), and I love it.
With gay marriage now legal in that state (by far the most important state in the USA), more and more people are free to express their 'legal' love in public. Many brave people with much more to lose then the homophobes , have broke through that barrier of fear, intolerance and ignorance, to see for themselves, once on the other side,
that's its all smoke and mirrors. 
The ignorance and stupidity of others should never stop you from being yourself. Our pride is born , before we take our first breath. It belongs to us as individuals. No one person has the right to compromise or marginalize our own personal sense of pride.

TR Knight who was famously 'outed' last year by a co worker, has gone full circle indeed.
Holding hands with your lover in public is difficult in most places around the world.
But when pictures like these start to circulate, the message is undeniable to most.
Basic human rights suggest that gays and lesbians should be afforded the same legal rights as any two heterosexual people. I love sneaking kisses with my boyfriend in public. Just little sweet ones. Private endearing reminders that you love someone.
Just a little touch on the leg, or a brush up against him. Affection is marvelous.

Oh gosh, I just LOVE LOVE!

The math is simple. It doesn't matter your sex.
Happiness and love come from finding your mate.

1+1= love

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