02 June 2008

Oh De Beers, What a Gem!

Francois DeLage who is the former President of Louis Vuitton Asia Pacific is the new paramour of Miss. Lopez. I wish her all the best with her new love. I really do. NOT!
Does he know she is a ferocious coke head?

Celine Lopez strikes it RICH!

Well, Its official peeps. The amazing Celine Lopez put herself out there and managed to find a diamond merchant boyfriend. Emily will be thrilled.
I can confirm he is a very powerful executive from De Beers Diamonds.

Her new boyfriend is based in London.
I smell a "me love you long time" happening.
I'm sure Grand-Papa will have no problem stumping up for her cocaine. They are currently residing in their love nest together. I told my readers two weeks ago, Celine applied for an extended work visa for the UK.
She wanted a five year visa, but was denied.
They gave her one year.
At last.
Manila has been relieved of Celine now, like a dodgy curry.
I hate Celine Lopez. I have not been shy about that.
The chick is a complete and utter has- been.
She is a filthy person, who possesses no self respect whatsoever.
And apparently she like uncircumcised cock too!
Not that I have anything against uncircumcised cocks.
This bitch will always be on my hit list.
We have history.

Oh poor Marcel (super rich actually). As you can see dear, diamonds really are forever.
Unlike your trashy ex fiance.

You paid for her Marcel. You were her charity.
No one gets that money hungry tramp for cheap.
Celine Lopez will always have halitosis.
She will always have Wendy and the rest of the losers she hangs around.
The bitch is a total disgrace to the Philippines.
That is sweet revenge in itself.
Celine will always be a bitch.
Good luck London!

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