27 June 2008


MANILA, Philippines - The Embassy bar on Friday denied allegations that its security personnel ignored the mauling of a balikbayan by the club's disc jockey on Thursday, adding that its personnel - who were alleged to have escorted the mauler out of the club, grinning - even helped the victim.

Grinning? Yep. I can see that happening. Ego. Pride. Drugs. Lethal combination in the Manila club scene. Men with very small cocks (Montemayor) kicking the shit out of other men.
Why the fuck would anyone in Manila go to this club? Wake up you morons. Your supporting a man who doesn't give a fucking shit about the Philippines. Only himself and his enormous ego.
Who wants to dance in a club where a man has been murdered in cold blood?

In a statement, the management also said that it condemns the incident involving Alex Vargas, a “balikbayan" and Paul Montemayor (identified earlier as DJ Pauly Mac), the club’s disc jockey.

Condemn? I should fucking hope so for Christ's sakes. Another person could have been killed. I have been told be a trusted friend (she is prime ex GG) about a rape that occurred at Embassy last year. Now I have no proof of this (but I also KNOW it happened), but with all the secret rooms and drug 'cupboards', there are PLENTY of dark spots where a sexual assault could have taken place. She was raped ten feet away from revellers I'm told. WTF!
Through this friend, I have made contact with he victim. She is too afraid to go to the police. I received another e mail from her today. We have become friends. I trust her explicitly.

It also denied earlier reports that Montemayor is an employee of the club.

I'm sorry, but Mr. Montemayor WAS an employee of Embassy on the night! Spin it all you like guys. I hear this DJ has a bad history with violence. Did Embassy not know of this before hiring him to be a 'emcee'? Bullshit!

"We wish to clarify that, contrary to what has been reported in the media, Mr. Montemayor is not, and has never been an employee, of Embassy. In fact, Mr. Montemayor is a freelance emcee who performs in numerous clubs and establishments in Metro Manila, most of which are competitors of Embassy," said the statement.


Competitors? It is well known that Tim Yap will do anything to sabotage by rumor or innuendo, other venues and clubs in Manila. I have proof of this. Tim, your gig is up. Your employers should well and truly get rid of you. You are a liability now. Just like Embassy itself.
Move to Boracay Tim and become a boatman!

The statement came a day after the Taguig local government ordered the closure of the bar and its sister establishments because of the mauling incident.

This club NEVER should have been re opened after the murder of Carlos Jose Castellano.

It was not the first time that a mauling incident occurred at the club which had also gained notoriety because of allegations of illegal drug deals and drug use in the club which have not been substantiated.

WHY THE FUCK NOT! It would be soooooo bloody easy to do. But not in Manila where $$$$$$$ talks and bullshit walks! You can smell the cocaine at the front doors. Or is that the MANY bribes happening out front that stops the truth from becoming reality? Embassy IS a coke den. No question.

On December last year, a 34-year-old international pilot - Carlo Jose
Castellano, said to be a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy in 1995 - was mauled to death by customers of the club.

Like I said! Carlos Jose Castellano was MURDERED at Embassy! MURDERED!
Does anyone care about him?
No. Because he is not the 'scion' of a huge wealthy family.
Just a normal guy, beaten to death at Embassy Super 'Clubbing'.
Enter at your own risk!

Before that, the scion of the Marcos family - commercial model Borgy Manotoc, son of former Ilocos Norte Rep. Imee Marcos - was charged with serious physical injury for allegedly mauling Carlo Brown, grandson of former Social Welfare Secretary Mita Pardo de Tavera.

Maul, maul, maul. You should be VERY proud of your club Tim!

The most recent incident occurred Thursday when relatives of Alex Vargas, 20, complained that he was beaten up by Embassy employees, including its DJ.

The victim's relatives sought the help of Taguig Mayor Freddie R. Tiñga who then ordered the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) of Taguig city to serve a closure order on the Embassy, which is located at the Fort Strip in Fort Bonifacio.

I APPLAUD their bravery. Its not an easy thing to do in Manila. You never know who you will be up against. I know. I fought my own battle in Manila with the corrupt police.
Go to the police and report ANY crime committed against you. Record the meeting. Take pictures of the police you are dealing with. I wish I had! I know the police in Manila are the most corrupt in the world. I pity anyone who has to deal with them. I hope and pray the victims gets justice. And a HUGE payout for his suffering at the hands of Embassy Super Club and their employee!

In a sworn statement, the victim's cousin Leslee Santos said that after the incident, two personnel of Embassy even escorted the grinning suspect out of the club.

No arrest was made.


Vargas is being treated for head injuries in an
undisclosed hospital.

This version was contested by the bar's management Friday.

In their statement, management said they have acted promptly to resolve what they said is an"
unfortunate incident."

Oh gee wizz, you think?

“While we regret the incident, we acted promptly and appropriately to resolve the situation and assist Mr. Vargas. Pursuant to our establishment's standard procedure, our security personnel acted immediately to protect Mr. Vargas and the other patrons during and after the incident," it added.


"Vargas was administered first aid by our personnel and we had offered to call him an ambulance to take him to the hospital, although he declined the latter. Our personnel had likewise accompanied Mr. Vargas to the Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel stationed in front of our establishment to give him the opportunity to press charges against the individuals involved. He likewise declined to do so at that time," the statement said.


The Embassy management reiterated that it “does not condone incidents of this nature and assures that it will take all necessary measures to ensure that such incidents are prevented in the future".

What future? YOU SHOULD BE CLOSED FOREVER. Embassy does not deserve to trade.

“We likewise wish to assure the city government of Taguig of our continuing support for its programs to maintain a positive image for the city," the statement added. - GMANews.TV

Positive image? Cocaine, Maulings, MURDER, VVVVVVIP Rooms, RAPE?

How on earth are these positive images Tim?

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