29 June 2008

Following My Yellow Brick Road

Thank you sweet loving papa John for creating this most beautiful clip.

I was not at all familiar with this kind of 'self' promotion through emotions before the blog. But now I'm OK with it. I did suffer greatly. But now I am victorious.
Let the celebration begin!
And John, you have captured perfectly how I feel. This clip sums up our (the blogs readers and I) entire four month journey.
I love you John for creating it for me and the blog.
My mother cried and so did I.
I am truly honored and touched to let it be the last post on this blog for a while.

Wish me luck dear readers and TEAM BRIAN.
I'll be away for a few days.
I know you all understand.
My plane is about to take off.
I have to go.

Seat 1A.
My destination is happiness.
My estimated travel time is eternity.
One way ticket.

love my readers and my TEAM BRIAN and the tears now in my eyes are a testament to that.

From the bottom of my heart,


Bye bye for now.

Love Brian

Comments will still be published, so please keep leaving them. Thank you to my very special assistant who I could certainly not cope without at the moment. I love you dearest J. You do an excellent job with the comments. The blog is yours for a few days to look after. Take good care of it please.

The blog.

My blog.

Our blog.
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