03 July 2008

Tim Yap Repents and Turns to GOD!

Oh Readers,

I'm BACK bitches.

Lets dish!

This is truly delicious news.
First Xeng, and now her master.
The 'eventologist' Tim Yap has turned to GOD.
Amazing news!
Now what about that nasty whore Celine.
She should get on her well worn knees and pray for a cure for her toxic breath.

Tim Yap was spotted this Sunday in VICTORY CHURCH with Richard Gutierrez and several celebrities. They say, he is repenting from his sins and turning to the Lord!
Perhaps Tim is praying for a larger penis.
Because the one currently between his legs is TINY!!!!!

Has YAP turned GOOD?...I really hope he has.
Because as of this moment, Tiny Tim Yap is going straight to HELL..

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