03 July 2008

Roasted Beeeenz

Good morning readers and TEAM BRIAN,

Its time for some people to wake up and smell the pot'o'coffee brewing on my stove top.
I am very exposed on this blog. I'm not a afraid to write about certain people.

We all have to defend ourselves at the end of the day.

I have turned a new leaf readers.
But my blog is still the same.

I would never let anyone add content to my blog. EVER!

YES I'm VERY happy, but this does not have anything to do with the future of the blog and its content.
I do not care that some people think I am crazy for writing this blog.
I couldn't give a shit.

This is not a hate blog.
Far from i
This blog is a leveler.
People who dare to call it a hate blog, do so for their own reasons.
And I will keep them honest, somehow.

Please readers, you must understand that I know certain things.
I will reveal all in good time.
My blog babies need some patience with me.
I have never been irresponsible on the blog.
Many think otherwise but I don't care.
Start your own blog.
Your own LOVE blog.
THIS is not a love blog or a hate blog.
Its my blog.
Its just that certain people will always hate my blog.
They prefer to have things kept quiet and away from the public gaze.
Wake up and join the real world please.

I dare any one person to fuck with me and my blog.
They will feel the sheer brute force of my will.
I have EVERY right to write what I want, about what I KNOW to be true.
I pity any individual who thinks they can bully me.
I pity them. Because I am FIERCE and.......
Don't forget it!

As for the pathetic excuse for a man Tim Yap.
He only needs to write me a letter apologizing for calling my queen a fucking ugly dog at Nami resort. Only then will I stop attacking him and his band of raggedy Supreme writers.
I want the apology sent to me for posting on my blog.
DJ and another person TOLD me what Tim said. I HEARD what he said and so did my best friend. DJ and J.E. only confirmed what Yap had said. He can't deny what he called my queen Sanny. I will NEVER forgive you Tim, unless he says sorry to us both. Treating a tourist like that in the Philippines is totally horrendous. You devastated me and my best friend Sanny. We had only been on Boracay for two days. I cried so hard and DJ kept saying, "Thats just Tim". "that is just what he is like" DJ and J.E. said to me. They nearly defended him. In fact they did.
Oh really DJ? I don't think so. Change your ways Yap and you will no longer appear on this blog. Until you do, you have a target over your left eye. And I am a wicked shot. I've killed a moose mate.
Your nothing!
I want the apology quick Tim.
You say sorry to us both of us Yap, and I will stop writing about you on my blog.
NOW that is a great deal for you Yap and I suggest you take it mate, because I am about to go mental on your half Pinoy ass again very soon.
You say sorry mate, and your nightmares will be over.
I will systematically tear your empire down, until you say sorry for being SUCH a hideous mean evil c--t.
People think I am mean for slamming Yap.
This prick deserves everything he gets from me.
I will NEVER stop destroying him until he says sorry like a man.
Until then, Tim Yap can suffer.
And I KNOW he is suffering despite the spin and fluff from his 'camp'.
You know what you have to do now Tim. get on with it.
I'm waiting.

Tim Yap has severe issues as do many other Manila dwellers who think they are all that and more. This blog is a way of reminding them that their behaviour has no place in Manila OR anywhere for that matter. If he expects me to EVER lay off him and his friends, he knows he MUST write and say sorry to ME and Sanny as well.
If you do not Tim, one must assume that you love me and my blog.

Say sorry you tiny little prick.
ONLY then will I consider removing him from my hit list.

Enough said.

Keeping it real, so they don't have to.

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