16 June 2008


Dear Readers,

This is the blogs first entry from a reader.
I will be posting one a week.
I think this entry is both sweet and beautiful.
I hope you enjoy it.
Its both uplifting and true.

I gaze at things as moments. Moments that give us smile and make us happy. The people we meet everyday, new experiences we encounter, loved ones who support us in every way and events that we live for. These things are moments. What if one of these shatters? And will cut you into pieces and harm your own being with its sudden yet crushing attack. This I think is what I call heartache. We wake up each morning hoping that things will be proper. We live as if it’s the last. I would say I am loving each and everyday of my life though I find some find things bad, I still wake up with a good vibe and untarnished spirit.
The lost of the person you love will give you a feeling that you were left alone in the corner. You love and in the end you will suffer. That is not what I expect with love. I expect love to be wonderful. Feeling the warmth and fondness you feel with each other, really makes me giggle at times or even makes me shout when I am alone. Things change as time passes by, not because of the indifference you are feeling toward each other but with the unexpected things wherein you need to decide on which would be beneficial to every party. Ending a relationship creates a dent in your heart. A dent which takes time to regenerate and will give you sleepless nights. You’ll see yourself crying and pondering why it has come to an end. No matter how you relieve yourself you can’t cope up with things. This is I what I call heartache.
Our relatives and close friends are the extension of our family. We acknowledge them as a part of our home. But we get frustrated with people who are selfish and self-centered. Help should be given in any ways be it small or big. You help and not asking for return. You reach out for a person because you want to help him ease the pain and alleviate the sufferings of the person. It could give that certain person a reason to smile and still fight for whatever battle he is experiencing. This battle should not be a struggle that he needs to fight for; that’s why we call it a family. This should be a collective battle. Prayer is a powerful armor that we can offer to every person we know who are having the most difficult times of their life. A touch or a simple care when you see the person can help as well. This is not what is happening today. The people we expect who will help us are leaving us in times like this. I feel that they should be the ones who will be our army in our fight to this hardship. It’s not about money; we need love, support and care. This is what I call heartache.
There are many things that I can mention which can give us heartbreaking moments. Those two are just an example and has a relation in my life in the past and in present. I suddenly think that why are all these things happening. We should be enjoying our life and should not experience what we call heartache. It is really the worst feeling to have. As what I always heard from my friends, “Shit happens”. So you just need to deal with it and prepare for the upcoming heartaches which will test you as a person.

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