06 June 2008

JAMBY Madrigal...... all Soozied out!

Sen. JAMBY Madrigal (was spitefully dragged into the SOOZYHOPPER blog), the most outspoken and empowered woman in the Philippines, is chairman of the Senate Committee on Youth, Women and Family Relations. And good for her!

Her committee has prepared, and
she is sponsoring, a law that makes it a CRIMINAL OFFENSE—punishable by life imprisonment (reclusion perpetua)—to induce or use a child, 15 and younger. I applaud the Senator.

MADRIGAL has been pushing for the passage of the Special Protection of Children against Abuse aiming to protect children against drugs, prostitution and other sexual abuse. And we all hope and pray that this bill gets passed. It is LONG overdue.

Magic 89.9 most recent guest Sen. Pia
Cayetano has agreed (and said it on AIR) to enact the bill as early as next week. NEXT WEEK. This is better then we could have hoped for. I listen to Magic on the satellite every morning while I stretch.

There are some people in the Philippines who are shaking in their boots.
Sex with minors is both illegal and immoral.
People who use their positions of power in order to take advantage of others, will eventually have to answer for their behaviour.
I encourage all victims of sexual abuse to speak out.
I know its hard, but you must speak out.

I have some old Soozyhopper entries, that some readers have sent me.
Now that we all know who Soozyhopper is, wouldn't it be fun to re read her blog entries again?

Will we see arrests??????

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