04 June 2008

Ten Things On The Mind

The waterfall behind the farm this morning.

1. KittyGO is a fantastic writer. I've just re read her first book. Its hilarious. I suggest everyone read it because it nails Manila to the cross. I know I'm an amateur compared to KittyGO , and I'm honest about that because I have a true and respectful appreciation for her writing. I've always been honest about the fact that I am NOT an experienced writer like her....yet. Bless you Kitty. I'll always read your blog. And I'll be a published writer one day too! Ask DJ if I can write. We all start somewhere! Right Deej?

2. Constance Brooke Pendleton from Metro Society is also VERY worthy of a mention here. I am anticipating the next issue. I love Metro Society. The editor is a good friend of mine.
Constance has been a great role model of sorts and supporter of the blog and its original mandate, from its conception. Contrary to some dumb assed, dark side rumor, I get ZERO information from her about my blog. I have history with her. Private history. We don't dish. We talk.
I have my own connections in Manila readers. Connection I made before leaving. I lived in the Philippines for long enough to establish my own solid network of friends. Constance would never compromise the premise of her column with shallow tiddle taddle. She's a beacon of light in the very dark world that is Manila. I have adored Constance long before this blog ever started. She donates her entire writing income to CHARITY. Every 'rich' columnist should do the same.

3. A very happy 2ND Anniversary to MoTwister, Mojo and the beautiful Grace. Their fantastic show has just celebrated the completion of its second wonderful year on air. I love Magic 89.9, and I adore these three people. Grace is a very beautiful girl. She's the real deal! I've really loved doing their show for the last three months. This morning was a blast. We all speak together before we go to air, which is helpful to me. They're all hilarious, kind, emotionally involved and very balanced supporters. Thank you Quest, Magic and the breakfast crew! I may have lost 70,000 dollars, but I've met some new mates. Thousands and thousands of new mates.

4. I have a VERY DEEP THROATED insider (and I mean gagging!) in Hong Kong, who's eye's and ear's are open 24/7, as well as his legs but that's a different blog. Speaking of deep throat, Wendy Puyat's house of cards is being threatened by massive gusts of wicked vengeful winds.
Victoria Harbor has never been so choppy.

Miss P. actually earning money!

Wendy's bank account is as dry as her infamous Va Jay Jay, and she needs some serious moulala($)... and fast! Her court case in Hong Kong is about to be blown wide open (all these blow job puns are killing me!). Wendy's slutty gold digger past is coming back to haunt her. Its ironic that fugly pugly coke head CL should end up with diamonds (and a puuuurlll necklace), and the poor adulterer Wendy should end up in a Hong Kong court, doing battle for trinkets and a clothing allowance! Her soon to be ex-husband and her in-laws are most determined that Wendy get nothing from her divorce, which by all accounts has turned out to be a VERY messy entanglement. Feral cats in the hen house I'm told. Hungry cats. Embarrassed cats. Fat RICH cats. And one unfortunate poor lonely trampy cat. Perhaps she can bunk down with Celine Lopez and Francois Delage. Three is never a crowd.

5. I'm overwhelmed by my daily readership. My site meter(which will always remain private) shows me exactly where my readers come from. Africa. India. Saudi Arabia. Thunder Bay.
Hundreds of thousands of loyal readers. Thank you for showing up when ever you can, to see where I'm at. I will be writing less soon as I will be moving, and need to focus totally on that until I'm relaxed and settled in my new home.
I'm sure you will understand.
The blog is only days away from achieving its 300TH entry.

6. Maleficent is BACK! I will not dispute his/her cleverness. I re-read his/her comments two or three times. Brilliant. Malefecent needs his/her own blog!!!!!
Religion is a hot button topic on this blog. Every time I go near it, people get cross with me.
I understand that. I respect religion. I'm a Christian, but I'm not a Catholic. And this good Christian boy believes a healthy open debate about religion can't be beat!
Judas? No way!
Jesus was hot!
Discuss please.

7. The GG JR. entry in nearly completed. This one will be interesting. But there's no rush. They're still young. Certain people are dying to be on this list! And I will be posting their sent e mails and photos of course. Its pathetic, honestly. Manila truly is a hotbed of steamy moist cow shit. And these little flies continue to spread the bacteria to all corners of this superficial mini world. An entry I removed last week is being re worked for its new debut soon. Some of the people involved have been very naughty and all will be revealed soon enough. This will include their e mails and face book exchanges. They may be laughing at me now, but............

8. Since I've disallowed anonymous comments, the haters have vanished. Gutless anonymous anomalies. They've just gone. I would rather have a few great comments then the hateful ones. We're all so tired of it. It embarrasses the Philippines. And I know that the vast majority of Filipinos are wonderful, smart, intelligent, funny, happy, honest, people. Their comments are great.

9. I'm very happy at the moment readers. VERY! I want TEAM BRIAN to know that I have a lot going on at the moment. Some of my new essay's are about to be published in the Philippines. Some people make fun of my writing, but my editor thinks I'm pretty good! This is a blog peeps. Its much different then how I'm writing for my book. My blog is organic and from the gut. My latest essays are much more refined. And writing a book is completely different in every way. I love writing. One can only improve. At least I don't have a ghost, in my closet?


10. I would like to thank the BBC, especially Producer Lilian George who has been wonderful dealing with the content of my story. I have learned so much working with her and her staff and vice versa I'm sure. The documentary is about to go into post production. I will keep you all informed.

Buddha in the creek this morning.
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